Community Empowerment for Peace and Integrated Development

Contact Information

  • Where – Somalia (Eastern Africa)
  • Contact Person – Abdulkadir Ahmed Nuri
  • Email –
  • Address – Trepiano, Mogadishu

Areas of Expertise

Community Empowerment for Peace and Integrated Development has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

The main objectives of Community Empowerment for Peace and Integrated Development (CEPID) are:

  1. To promote public peace awareness through trainings and workshops engaging the mass media.
  2. To create conducive environment for the mediation of all conflicting parts in Somalia.
  3. To take in peacebuilding and peacekeeping measures among all Somali people.
  4. To implement post war reconstruction projects throughout the country.
  5. To campaign for sustainable and long lasting peace forums.
  6. Diaspora participation in peace initiatives and development contributions to local communities.
  7. Voting systems in supporting local authorities and national parliament voting registration.
  8. Allocating fundraising strategies for peace programs.
  9. Cross-cutting Issues: HIV/Aids, FGM/C, Gender Management

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

CEPID’s activities have helped transform conflict in Somalia by supporting the role of women in peacebuilding and emphasising the importance of violence prevention programs (especially Sexual-Based Gender Violence). CEPID has also worked to prevent child soldiers and has conducted conflict analysis pertaining to IDPs. CEPID works with the most vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa.

Where and with Whom?

CEDIP works with diaspora in the UK, Finland and the Netherlands, plus other NGOs such as PHRN, DIJHRO
and WORD.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

CEDIP’s main activities include:

  1. Peacebuilding Programs – peace awareness and civic education,
  2. Democracy and Good Governance – promoting peace and social justice
  3. Peace Supporting Operations (PSO)
  4. Security Sector Reform(SSR)
  5. Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration of Ex-Combatants
  6. Voting Systems – supporting local authorities and the national parliament in Somalia
  7. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) – for schools, IDPs, refugees, minorities and communities in rural areas.
  8. Sustaining water supply and sanitation.
  9. Income generating programs – including micro-finance.
  10. Project need assessments and Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA)

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