Somali Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention

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Areas of Expertise

The Somali Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

Somali Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP) is an apolitical and neutral Somali institution, which is independent of governments and civil society. It has been set up to improve the effectiveness of community safety interventions by advancing learning and evidence-based programming. The OCVP will therefore also fulfil an important networking role; first, among community safety practitioners for the exchange of data, lessons and tools; second, between local communities and authorities through an effective Early Warning and Response Network (EWARN); and third, between practitioners, academics and politicians to translate findings into adequate policies.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

More than twenty years of conflict and violence in Somalia have brought community division and mistrust, resulting in the division of the county into three political divisions; namely, Somaliland, Puntland and South-Central.In order for the local community to explore the hidden opportunities attached to conflict, and to minimize its negative aspects, OCVP provides training to members of the local community in the areas of peace and conflict studies. Furthermore, for effective interventions and engagement with the prolonged Somali conflict, OCVP conducts baseline and district assessments in the areas of security, peace, governance and justice in order to find a long-term, sustainable solution. In addition, to deal with the root causes of the Somali conflict, OCVP conducts research and give training to policy-makers and justice providers in addressing the root causes of the cyclic conflict.

Where and with Whom?

In Somaliland, OCVP operates in three cities. OCVP’s headquarters are located in the capital city of Somaliland, while it have operational offices (in the name of the Resource Centre for Peace) in the cities of Burao and Las-Anad. In Puntland, OCVP has operational offices (again in the name of the Resource Centre for Peace) in the cities of Bossaso and Galkacayo, while in Muqadisho OCVP has two centres.

In total, OCVP has a presence in six cities and towns in Somalia.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

OCVP focuses on three major areas:

  • Research – OCVP conducts baseline and other assessments in the areas of security, governance, justice and conflict. So far, OCVP has have published the ‘Safety and Security District Baseline Report’ from 5 different district across Somalia. Currently, OCVP are engaged with other assessments that looks at the Conflict and Security Assessment at the District level;
  • Training – OCVP’s training department has developed different manuals on areas of Conflict Analysis, Conflict Sensitivity and Mediation and Negotiation skills. These manuals are designed for different sectors of society; including, butnot limited to, district safety committees, womens’ groups, traditional leaders, government officials and local councils at district levels;
  • Knowledge Management Department – this department of OCVP is basically responsible for identifying, storing and disseminating all literature written on Somali’s conflict, as well as peacebuilding, by different individuals, institutions or organizations.

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