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Smile Again Africa Development Organization has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

Smile Again Africa Development Organization (SAADO), established in 2011, is an indigenous South Sudanese humanitarian organization that aims to eradicate poverty, mitigate conflict and improve the living standard of the people of South Sudan and the region. For many, South Sudan is a country characterized by a dark history and uncertain future. SAADO is determined to achieve dramatic change in one of the world’s most vulnerable countries. South Sudan has the highest displaced population in Sub-Sahara African. With such negative realities it is too easy for all but the most committed to give up hope for peace and liberty.

South Sudan has a population of about 8m; some 70% of which are youth, most of whom are involved in conflict instead of productive economic activities. SAADO is committed to providing access to basic human needs and improving the lives of children through economic empowerment of women and youth.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

SAADO focuses on conflict transformation in order to achieve its main goal of promoting a culture of peace, enhancing democratic values and acting as a catalyst for non-violent communication between all levels of South Sudanese society.

Through the scope of its work, SAADO applies and upholds the principles of conflict transformation by:

  • Enhancing the capacity of members of the South Sudan society, especially women and youth in conflict resolution and civic, political, social, economic, and environmental rights and responsibilities;
  • Contributing to strengthening civic peace, national unity, national identity, citizenship, peaceful dialogue and tolerance among the different political and social segments of the South Sudan society, and;
  • Promoting concepts of good governance, rule of law and transparency in public and private decision-making processes among South Sudanese.

Where and with Whom

SAADO focuses it work in all ten states of South Sudan.

SAADO’s partners are divided between NGOs and governmental organizations, such as the PACT Sudan for peace building, World Food Programme for Food for Asset, Norwegian Refugee Counsel and UNICEF for education.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

SAADO’s main activities in the field of conflict transformation include:

  • Developing approaches to conflict prevention, mitigation and peacebuilding activities – In order for conflict prevention, mitigation and peace building activities to be successful and sustainable in the long term in South Sudan, SAADO has been advocating for substantial participation and ownership by the community. SAADO works with the locals who has a better understanding of the local culture and specific local issues and relationships, this helps in developing a deep understanding of the root causes of conflict
  • Facilitating community based peace committees – Conducting peace building training workshops for the community leaders, women and youth groups to promote reconciliation, peace and unity between the displaced warring parties in Awerial and their neighbours through conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution.
  • Peace education, plus students and teachers peace committees – From time to time SAADO has advocated for the introduction of peace education to establish Students and teachers peace committee and to mainstream peace education into schools’ curriculum. So far the organization has been engaging four schools in Jonglei State in South Sudan. The schools are bordering Upper Nile and Jonglei States which has the highest population of the conflicting parties. SAADO advocates for teachers to educate the pupils in tolerance and peace, and promote respect for human rights and at the same ensuring that the teachers and pupils work together to prevent escalation f conflicts and to find peaceful solutions for the conflicts.
  • Proposed Food for Training programme – SAADO have been in direct consultation with one of our partners (WFP) and have recommended to them to channel approximately 10% of the food requirements to micro projects that are designed to create assets and facilitate the rehabilitation and recovery of the communities affected by the conflict in South Sudan.
  • People-to-people peace initiatives – This approach is typically based on the indigenous ways of mitigating and preventing conflict by using the local leaders and chiefs as meditating actors.  SAADO has also applied shuttle diplomacy to convey peace messages to the conflicting parties and used the church networks to communicate and bring people together.

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