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Areas of Expertise

The Women’s Interfaith Council has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

The vision for establishing the Women’s Interfaith Council is to bring together the leaders and members of women’s faith groups in Kaduna State under one umbrella to address:

  • Peace and conflicts issues;
  • Women’s specific common concerns (health, education/literacy, hygiene, sanitation and environment);
  • Poverty-related issues.

While WIC’s vision is “a society where Muslims and Christians live together in peace, where the rights of women are respected, and where women are protagonists of peaceful coexistence and development”; its mission is “to enable women of faith associations work together to bring about peace, stability and development in Kaduna in particular and Nigeria in general by addressing conflict issues and issues of concern to women with the primary focus on conflict, poverty, insecurity and vulnerability”.

WIC’s core objectives include:

  • To provide a forum for leaders and members of Muslim and Christian women’s faith organizations to come together in sincere and concrete dialogue.
  • To enable Muslim and Christian women’s faith groups to work together in the peace-building process to address issues that are causing conflict.
  • To facilitate Muslim and Christian women’s faith organizations to work together to concretely address women’s common concerns.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

  • Sensitize key stakeholders of women’s faith groups, including male religious, traditional and political leaders, about the need for interreligious dialogue and for women’s participation in the same..
  • Reach out to market women, youth groups, farmers and other grassroots groups to sensitize them about the need for us to collaborate with one another as people of faith..
  • Encourage the youth and other members of our faith communities to be ambassadors of faith and of dialogue particularly through our testimony and commitment to our own faith community and to the Interfaith Council.

Where and with Whom

WIC currently works only in Kaduna state (Nigeria) with the following stakeholders – policy makers and government representatives; religious leaders/groups; youth; media; traditional leaders and security agencies. 

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

  • Bring Muslim and Christian women, members of faith groups, together regularly to grow in understanding and friendship and to discuss diverse themes related to conflict, peace and women’s common concerns..
  • Provide Conflict Transformation training to the leaders of women’s faith groups through workshops and resource materials. The training includes guidelines on how to ‘step-down’ the training received to the members of their faith groups.
  • Provide training and experience of Interfaith Peace building and Spirituality to the leaders of women’s faith groups through workshops and resource materials so that they in turn can transmit this training to the members of their faith groups.

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