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  • Where – Nepal (Asia)
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  • Contact Person – Santosh Bidari
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  • Address – Koteshwor-35, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Areas of Expertise

Peace for People has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

The mission of Peace for People is to promote a transition to sustainable ways of living, and a society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect for universal human rights and diversity, economic justice, democracy and a culture of peace.

The objectives of Peace for People are to:

  • Develop internationally-minded people capable of understanding the critical issues that the world faces today;
  • Encourage people to take responsibility for their own actions;
  • Raise awareness about sensitive issues and encourage them to join hands for better solutions in critical situations.
  • Encourage human interaction through different events.
  • Make people understand the important of peace for daily livelihood;

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

Global peace is possible only through the combined efforts of people of the world. To live in a peaceful environment is a basic right of human beings. To create such an environment is a mission of the United Nations (UN) and the principle of global human rights. Peace for People envisions individuals, organizations, businesses, governments, and multilateral institutions throughout the world, including the United Nations General Assembly and UN agencies, acknowledging the Earth Charter, embracing its values and principles, and working collaboratively to build just, sustainable, and peaceful societies.

Where and with Whom?

Peace for People works throughout Nepal, focusing on victims, youth and women. Peace for People works with the government and civil society.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

Peace Dialogue

The Peace Dialogue program was organized amongst the general public, with 150 actively involved in the project. Through speeches about peace the programme disseminated a message to people to resolve any problems through peaceful means. They made a commitment not to be involved in any kids of violence, whist discouraging others from violent activities.

‘My commitment for Non-Violence’ – World Signature Collection Program

A signature collection program was organized for people to demonstrate their commitment to a non-violent world. It was organized on the special occasion of Shivaratri, one of the main Hindu festivals. 15,000 people – including children, youth and the elderly – demonstrated their commitment to global peace by signing a banner of peace. To raise awareness about global peace, people shared their views and ideas about how global peace might prevail.

Peace Art and Music

On each second Saturday, 30 children below 18 years age make wonderful arts on peace, thereby helping to build the values of love amongst children and building their knowledge and ideas about peace, which is then shared at home with their family and friends.

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