Association of War Affected Women

Contact Information

  • Where – Sri Lanka (Asia)
  • Website –
  • Contact Person – Visaka Dharmadasa
  • Email –
  • Address – #09, Riverdale Road, Anniewatta, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

Areas of Expertise

The Association of War Affected Women has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

The Association of War Affected Women was established in 2000 to create space for war affected women specifically mothers and wives of servicemen missing in action, and of those who are missing, to come together across the divide to work for peace. AWAW is committed to achieve sustainable peace in Sri Lanka and believes that peace has to be negotiated through an inclusive process. AWAW is also deeply committed to safeguard democracy and rights of all, specifically women’s rights and advancement. AWAW believes that peoples rights have to be safeguarded and democracy has to be strengthened in order to create a conducive atmosphere for peace to prevail.

AWAW was initiated to bring war affected women across conflict lines together to work towards peace. AWAW works on women’s advancement, human rights, democracy and conflict transformation.

AWAW’s vision – a peaceful, prosperous Sri Lanka where all its peoples are living with dignity enjoying equal rights.

AWAW’s mission – work towards strengthening democracy, women’s advancement and equal participation in order to achieve sustainable development and permanent peace in Sri Lanka.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

AWAW advocates that “all should accept and respect the other for what and who she/he is and not what you want he/she to be”. AWAW also believes that “If you make your enemy secure, the enemy will not be an enemy anymore”.

Where and with Whom?

AWAW basically works in all parts of Sri Lanka, with national and regional civil society organizations, as well with political parties and politicians. AWAW also works with Women Waging Peace (IIS), Women Thrive Worldwide and many other global organizations.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

AWAR’s main activities in the field of conflict transformation include:

  • Conflict transformation dialogue, which was a track II level initiative;
  • Brokering the ceasefire agreement in Sri Lanka;
  • Shuttle diplomacy;
  • GPPAC preventive initiatives;
  • Working with NPC in Sri Lanka;
  • Training women politicians on mediation and negotiations;
  • Working on fully implementing UNSCR 1325 on women, peace and security.

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