Initiative for Political and Conflict Transformation

Contact Information

  • Where – Sri Lanka (Asia)
  • Website –
  • Contact Person – Indik Perera
  • Email –
  • Address – 85/5 Barnes Place, Colombo, 07 00700, Sri Lanka

Areas of Expertise

The Initiative for Political and Conflict Transformation has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

INPACT aims is to contribute to a process of political and conflict transformation in Sri Lanka. INPACT’s work focuses on addressing the grievances and symptoms of dissatisfaction felt by groups of people who believe that their interests and rights as groups or individuals are not being guaranteed.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

INPACT believe that conflicts do not end; they only change. INPACT believes that conflict transformation is ultimately political and therefore, and grassroots work alone is not sufficient to produce lasting change. INPACT improves the skills of groups and communities – including ethnically and religiously motivated political parties – so that they are better equipped to exercise their rights and to engage in dialogue on their respective positions.

Where and with Whom?

INPACT cooperates and has commenced programmes with national level youth organisations of all Sri Lanka’s main political parties, thus bringing together young representatives from opposite political orientations, creating the foundation for a future of co-existence.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

INPACT organizes and facilitates behind the scenes informal dialogue workshops so that the opposing parties who are publicly enemies can privately meet and engage in dialogue on issues of mutual interest.

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