EPOS International Mediating and Negotiating Operational Agency

Contact Information

  • Where – Italy (Europe)
  • Website – www.eposweb.org
  • Contact Person – Emanuela C. Del Re
  • Email – ecdelre@gmail.com
  • Address – Via C. A. Racchia, 2 -00195 Roma (Italy)

Areas of Expertise

EPOS International Mediating and Negotiating Operational Agency has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

EPOS is an independent non-profit organization. It operates within the area of Mediation and Negotiation at the international level, both in the field of conflict prevention and resolution. The aim of EPOS is to contribute to the creation of stability in conflict areas, maintain stability in stable areas, in those at risk and those which have recently reached stability.

The activities of negotiation and mediation – based on the strong experience of the members of EPOS in research, analysis, training activities and operational activities in these fields – are aimed at providing a contribution to improve the functionality of political, social, economical and security related processes. EPOS fulfils its aims by engaging also in activities such as the elaboration of policy papers resulting from in depth research, training at various levels, creation of networks, and editing of a specialized sources of information.

EPOS the agency operates in conflict areas, intervening and operating where formal institutions cannot intervene: it goes beyond the threshold. It engages in a delicate and complex mediation between the parts involved, individuating points of contact and elements of discordance. It elaborates strategies that in some cases can result in action. In other cases, it can provide the parts involved (social, political, economic) with the necessary information and the strategy to proceed in the negotiation process. When needed, possible or opportune, it sides and/or supports the parts in the process. It takes into careful consideration all aspects including social-psychological processes, working on levels of sympathy and empathy.

EPOS respects all the parts involved and takes into account with the aim of helping them develop joint objective criteria and standards of legitimacy. The negotiating strategies are elaborated on the basis of in depth research, on a specific EPOS methodology in which the planning of negotiation and its phases, the sources of power in the process, the obstacles are carefully evaluated and the final target is well defined. Negotiations carried out by applying EPOS methodologies aim at effective conflict management, avoidance of escalation, de-escalation strategies, reconciliation, compromise and consensus on a win-win basis, that is a mutual gain approach. The Agency dedicates itself also to training programs within the field of negotiation and mediation, that include activities of frontal lectures, workshops, simulation games and other.

EPOS diffuses its ideas through its European Journal, “EPOS WorldView.info”, which is aimed at giving a voice to the entire world. This is why it based on a network of correspondents from all over the world, who act as “sensors” to signal the most significant critical events in every area of political, economical, social, cultural, strategic and security related interest. In this way, it offers a very distinct point of view from the field, distancing and distinguishing itself from routine, rhetorical, superficial and sensational reporting.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

EPOS will uphold the principles of Conflict Transformation by applying them in the activities of negotiation it will be engaged in.

It will diffuse the Principles in all its activities, especially in training activities in conflict areas to students, and to teachers. It will diffuse the Principles by explixitly stating its support on the homepage of its website.

Where and with Whom?

EPOS acts under mandate of, in cooperation with, in collaboration with state institutions, non-state institutions, NGOs, research institutes, universities, industries and enterprises, world of finance and other. EPOS acts through the realization of its own initiatives and actions; activating co-operations and collaborations; creating partnerships with national and international institutions (within the EU, at territorial level and other), with private institutions (either profit or no profit). EPOS cooperates and adheres to consortia and associations. In order to increase the efficacy of its actions, EPOS adheres to national co-ordination networks at national and international level. EPOS is institutional partner of the World Economic Forum of Krynica (Poland); partner of the leading Italian Geopolitical Review Limes; Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies; Centre Marocain d’etudes Strategiques (CMES) and many others.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

EPOS’s main activities in the field of conflict transformation include:

  • Negotiation and mediation;
  • Training courses on negotiation, conflict prevention and conflict resolution;
  • Papers presented in congresses and panels on topics related to conflict prevention and resolution;
  • Publications.

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