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Main Aims and Objectives

Association for Social Research and Communications (Udruženje za društvena istraživanja i komunikacije, UDIK) was founded in 2013 as the first peace-activist non-governmental organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organization is especially concerned with mapping, memorialisation and raising living monuments. UDIK helps post-Yugoslav societies to establish the rule of law and to accept the legacy of massive human rights violations in order to identify the criminal responsibility of perpetrators, to meet justice and prevent the repetition of such crimes. It is the affirmation of the value of an open civil society, with clearly defined priorities in terms of promotion and protection of human rights, as well as youth involvement in social and political processes through peace activism.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

The Association for Social Research and Communications is active internationally. It is active member of numerous international peace networks. It is active in demanding a confrontation with the region’s turbulent past, calling for justice, reconciliation, and transparency, in order for the region to break from its violent, criminal past and move toward a culture of peace. UDIK organized various actions, including mass protests, memorials and peace education programs, to promote their cause.

Where and with Whom

In order to achieve its goals, UDIK cooperates with its founding organizations, associations of families of the missing people, other civic initiatives, governmental institutions, international institutions and organizations, institutions of state and local government, academic institutions, religious groups, the media and other interested individuals. UDIK’s work is focused on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the former Yugoslavia (Western Balkans region).

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

UDIK organized activities regarding transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a focus to all the victims and to the construction of peace activism. On February 7th, 2015 UDIK launched the campaign “20 years since the genocide in Srebrenica – we remember” with the aim that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro declare the Day of Remembrance of the Srebrenica genocide while respecting the European Parliament Resolution on Srebrenica from 2009. The idea of the campaign is that each 11th of the month these organizations with the activities remind the public to the genocide in Srebrenica. As a part of this campaign, the most important activity of the UDIK was in May when the activists submitted a request to the Assembly of Brcko District to declare July 11th as a Day of Remembrance of the Genocide in Srebrenica, and in June, they submitted a request to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the same intention.

In black clothes and silence, UDIK expressed the deepest respect for the civil victims of the war and the pain of whole community because of it. With this act, UDIK provides strength to the victims, showing them that that they are not alone, that there is someone to fight for their rights and someone to stand for them on the street or square. Through the conscientious objection, nonviolence, peace education, campaigns, civil disobedience, UDIK requests demilitarization of community.

UDIK wants to encourage community not to tolerate any kind of violence in society. He (UDIK) is the one who “disturb” the community and calls it to react as quickly it is possible. UDIK demands responsibility, cooperation with the ICTY, the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina, responsibility for the war crimes, peace building and solidarity and through all that UDIK requires a permanent confrontation with the past events of our society.

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