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  • Where – Macedonia (The Balkans, Europe)
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  • Contact Person – Xhabir Memedi Deralla
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  • Address – Mito Hadjivasilev Jasmin 12/5, 1000, Skopje, Macedonia

Areas of Expertise

Civil – Center for Freedom has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives


CIVIL – Center for Freedom’s vision is of a world of freedom; a world in which all people live in a free, peaceful and democratic society where:

  • People are free from any form of fear and threat;
  • Respect of human rights is complete and for each and every individual;
  • Arms and violence are eliminated;
  • Discrimination and chauvinism in any form are decisively sanctioned;
  • Ecology and protection of environment are the main criteria for development;
  • Communication and information is based on freedom of speech and of media, and are in accordance to the human dimension of society;
  • Culture and arts are complementary to everyday life within the entire society;

These listed standpoints are practiced inseparably.


In quest of its vision, the mission of Civil is to:

  • Actively promote and defend human rights and freedoms;
  • Contribute to processes of building sustainable peace and reconciliation processes;
  • Take actions for conflict prevention and promote effective arms control, and overcoming gun culture;
  • Be active in the processes of building a free society in many other aspects, such as social justice, rule of law, freedom of speech, ecology, etc.;

Through public relations and membership in international associations, Civil initiates or supports global peace and stabilization processes, non-violent conflict resolution, human rights and democracy.

Core Values

Civil and all of its members, project teams, contributors, activists, volunteers and partners provide unwavering commitment in reaching the vision and mission of Civil through continuous and effective action based on full respect for human rights and freedom, their universality and indivisibility, as well as solidarity, equality, impartiality, fairness, democracy and mutual respect.

Furthermore, the core values that are nurtured in Civil are integrity, innovation, effectiveness and sensitivity, inclusiveness, engagement and empowerment. Each person related to Civil agrees with its vision and mission, and shall pursue its core values in his/her private and professional life.


  • Civil calls upon stakeholders at local, national and international levels, government, relevant institutions, intergovernmental organizations, armed and political groups, companies and other non-state actors to disclose burning issues within communities and the society, related to its vision and mission;
  • Civil thoroughly and impartially researches the facts and patterns of various abuses in the society, publicizes its findings and standpoints. Various bodies of Civil, its members, supporters and staff mobilize public pressure on government and others to stop abuses;
  • Civil urges the government and other stakeholders to observe the rule of law, and to ratify and implement human rights standards and all other standards that derive from related issues;
  • Civil carries out a wide range of public awareness, education, lobbying and advocacy activities;
  • Civil encourages intergovernmental organizations, individuals, and all sections of society to support, respect and work towards human rights, peace and guns free society.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

Civil has conducted numerous campaigns and projects on human rights, peace and reconciliation, tolerance, and arms control. Civil is renowned as a truly committed organization which is always on alert to react to violations and deterioration in those spheres, as well as to propose constructive solutions to problems. Civil has been the lead organization in the 2001 war in Macedonia, as well as highly active and visible in the post-war reconciliation process and the Ohrid Framework Agreement implementation (to date). Civil is committed to the prevention of ethnic violence, as well as to overcoming gun violence in the country and elsewhere.

Where and with Whom?

Civil operates at the national level and is active in over 40 municipalities throughout the country (there are a total of 84). Civil’s partners are mainly local NGOs from most of the municipalities, as well as several national NGOs, such as the Youth Educational Forum, Akcija Zdruzenska (women’s rights), Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities Skopje, Women Civic Initiative Antiko, etc. Civil have also established various levels of cooperation with several municipalities, ministries, and the Parliament.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

Since its establishment, Civil works in the field of promotion of human rights, including human rights of ethnic communities. Civil’s activities combine various approaches, such as awareness-raising campaigns, education and dialogues at national and local level, including political parties, community leaders, NGOs, etc.

In 2001, Civil conducted a national Peace and Reconciliation Campaign and the Campaign for Endorsement of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. In 2003, Civil was the lead NGO in an awareness-raising campaign to surrender illegal weapons.

To date, Civil works together with national and international organizations in the field of ethnic relations using music and arts to bring young population together, including youth from Kosovo and Bosnia. Civil cooperates with the ICTY in promotion of its legacy and has run numerous peace and reconciliation initiatives in the county.

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