Training Center for Management of Conflicts

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  • Where – Macedonia (The Balkans, Europe)
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  • Contact Person – Albert Hani
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  • Address – Borka Talevski 11/4 Skopje, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
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Areas of Expertise

The Training Center for Management of Conflicts has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

TCMC’s aim is improve democratization and integration processes in Macedonia by creating safe places for dialogue, where groups and individuals can feel equal in their possibilities to share their opinions, as well as by fostering active participation of citizens in decision making processes.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

TCMC is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting peace. TCMC was established after the outbreak of the violent conflict in Macedonia (at the end of 2001) as a response to the identified need to contribute to the process of reconciliation among of all ethnic communities. TCMC operates as a training center that provides specialized trainings on peacebuilding topics for different organizations. TCMC’s interactive and dynamic training approach represents a unique teaching style in the field of informal education.

Where and with Whom

TCMC implements its activities through organizing courses, seminars, workshops, tribunes, study trips, cultural and sport activities, and publications, as well as through sharing and exchanging information supporting its goals and values. TCMC provides training services for other organizations that are interested in getting the best experiences from a training pool that operates with the following peacebuilding topics – Democracy, Human rights, Dialogue, Reconciliation, Management of conflicts, Intercultural understanding, Mediation, Negotiation, Stereotypes, Prejudices, Non-violent communication, Leadership, Management, Organizational development and project cycle Management. So far, TCMC has already provided more than 300 trainings for other organizations, governmental and non-governmental.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

TCMC’s main activities in the field of conflict transformation include:

  • ‘Social dialogue on Identities’ – TCMC, in cooperation with its partner organizations, organized a forum discussion as a platform for social dialogue on the issue of identities in Macedonia. The forum discussion was entitled “Dealing with different identities – opportunity or challenge for a multicultural Macedonia”.
  • ‘Theatre as a tool to analyze conflicts’ – In February 2011, TCMC and its partner, NGO Forum ZFD, organized a training that aimed to further promote theatre as tool to analyze and manage conflict. Forum theatre styles/techniques and devising theatre scenes (developing scenes which connect to real issues) were the core topics of the training.
  • ‘Antiracist World Cup’ – with support of the Council of Europe, TCMC sent 12 participants to be part of a summer camp in July 2011. The activity was organized in Bologna by the Italian organization, Mondiali antirazisti.
  • Photography workshop “Different religions as bridges of peace” – supported by UNESCO within the frames of the project of IRZ – Tetovo. TCMC organized a photography workshop in June 2010 for 24 students, who photographer religious and cultural objects that are part of the world heritage. The pictures were exhibited at the 2010 summer camp. Additionally, TCMC has organized a workshop to present the awarded pictures to 62 other students, including a dialogue session on “The role of youth on taking care of the world heritage”.
  • ‘Overcome ignorance – Get to know the others’ – TCMC, in cooperation with the Forum Civil Peace Service and with the financial support of the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Democracy and Political Affairs, organized a summer camp entitled “Overcome ignorance – Get to know the others”.
  • ‘Continuation of the Youth Leadership Program’ – In December 2009, TCMC, in cooperation with the German organization Forum Civil Peace Service, restarted the Youth leadership program.
  • ‘Training Course on intercultural learning & conflict management’ – a project within the Youth in Action Programme 3.1. Supported by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency of the European Union.
  • ‘Developing Democratic Schools – Learning and living Peace’ – TCMC started a school Mediation project in January 2009, supported by the German FORUM – Ziviler Friedenst Diensts .”

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