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Live Lactic Culture has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

Live Lactic Culture (LLC) – لبن – is an improvisational-theater-based organization currently based in Beirut – Lebanon. Live Lactic Culture – Laban works on two tracks:

  • 1. Spreading improvisational theater in Lebanon through performances, training and creating a community of improvisational theater artists.
    • a. Live Lactic Culture – Laban have received their training from international, experienced improvisers abroad or through bringing them to Lebanon once in a while to improve their improvisational theater skills. Furthermore, they hold their own training ‘playshops’ that aim at training new interested people in mastering the art-form. Live Lactic Culture – Laban aims at having their own school of improvisational theater in Lebanon in the future based on the curriculum of the BATS (Bay Area TheaterSports) Improv School in San Francisco.
    • b. Moreover, Live Lactic Culture – Laban try to have as many improvisational theater shows as possible running in Beirut and/or Lebanon. It is within Live Lactic Culture – Laban’s aims to have, at least, one show per week running in Beirut at any given time.
  • 2. Using improvisational theater for civil society activism through training, raising awareness through performances, interactive performances (Theater of the Oppressed, Playback Theater, other), or forms and tools especially invented for specific campaigns and projects with theater as the main component.”

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

Live Lactic Culture – Laban uses the arts and especially improvisational theater skills in their approach to work with conflict transformation. Improvisational theater contains skills that enhance the way people react to and deal with conflicts and Live Lactic Culture – Laban aims at spreading those skills. Some of those skills include, but are not limited to; positive reactions, teamwork, dynamic leadership, communication, presentation and many others.

Where and with Whom

Live Lactic Culture – Laban partners with other human rights and peacebuilding organizations in Lebanon in order to help spread improve to the widest audience possible.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

Some of Live Lactic Culture’s main activities include:

  • Improv Theater for Iraqi Refugee Children in Lebanon;
  • Improv Theater for Drug Abuse Rebabilitation;
  • Soft Skills for Model United Nations based on Improvisational Theater;
  • Forum Theater on Marital Rape;
  • Forum Theater on Immigrant Workers Rights in Lebanon.

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