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TransConflict offers a range of specially-tailored educational visits that provide unique insights and perspectives on inter-ethnic conflict throughout the Western Balkans.

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For whom?

Whether new to the region or possessing a wealth of prior knowledge and insights, TransConflict can cater for a wide range of purposes and needs, including:

  • Political – particularly parliamentary delegations and political party representatives;
  • Professional – such as journalists and foreign investors;
  • Educational – including graduate and post-graduate students;
  • General interest


TransConflict covers the following countries:

What we offer?

TransConflict’s tailoured packages are designed to introduce participants to the complexities and challenges of inter-ethnic relations through a range of means, including

  • Visits to, and meetings with, key institutions and organizations;
  • Lectures on a variety of topics;
  • Background information packages;
  • Guided tours of towns/cities, plus other sites of key interest;

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For further information about our range of offerings, please contact TransConflict by clicking here!

Sample Agenda – Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A two-day visit to Banja Luka organized for American students participating in the SIT Study Abroad program in post-conflict transformation, included:

  • Lectures on the Dayton Peace Agreement and the politics of Republika Srpska;
  • Visit to the OSCE Regional Centre for a talk entitled, ‘Perspectives of the International Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina’, involving representatives of the OSCE, the OHR and the British Embassy Office;
  • Meetings with representatives of the Presidency of Republika Srpska to discuss the current political situation in Republika Srpska  and Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Insights from members of the media, including ‘Buka’ Magazine for Cultural Decontamination;
  • Discussion with students from the Department of English Language and Literature, at the Faculty of Philosophy.
  • Guided tour of Banja Luka, including key sites such as the Ferhadija mosque which is currently being reconstructed.

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