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Croat crisis pushes Bosnia towards endgame

Croat crisis pushes Bosnia towards endgame

The inability of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s political system to represent Croat interests will bring the stricken country to its knees – and provide useful cover for the Bosnian Serb leader’s plans.

Financial folly

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s failure to implement public spending reductions is jeopardizing the country’s stand-by agreement with the IMF.

Economic (re)integration versus protectionism

An agreement on economic co-operation between Serbia and Republika Srpska stands in stark contrast to protectionist measures passed by the parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the red, in the Balkans

The global financial crisis has both magnified and exacerbated the shortcomings of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tihic Re-elected, Brankovic Resigns

Two significant political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina will have important repercussions for the process of constitutional reform and the country’s deal with the IMF.