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Kosovo – Serbia, the EU and Germany

Europe seems to be allowing Germany to lead it into a historic blunder by freezing Serbia out rather than bringing it in.

Macedonia and Greece – back to square one?

Despite the ICJ ruling that Greece had breached its obligation under the 1995 Interim Accord, the dispute is back to square one, with few signs of genuine interest to find a lasting resolution.

Kosovo – war or peace?

A peace initiative by Kosovo Serbs in the north opens the door to backing awayfrom further confrontation, and seems to suggest that they are prepared to enter a dialogue on the future of the north.

Novi Pazar’s shared cultural heritage

Novi Pazar’s shared cultural heritage

Celebrating and instrumentalising shared cultural heritage in Novi Pazar carries enormous potential for creating a positive platform for dialogue between its two main communities.

Serbia and the EU – who needs who?

Though the EU – seemingly motivated by the US and “led” by Germany – rejected Serbia’s candidacy over its continued ‘refusal’ to surrender Kosovo, it is increasingly apparent that the EU needs the Balkans inside even more than the Balkans needs to get inside.

Quo vadis, Serbia?

Despite Europe’s general loss of interest in further expansion, Serbia’s state of aporia keeps it riveted to the European Union; leaving the country without a road, much less a roadmap.

We need to talk about Mevlid – Vehabije and extremism in Bosnia and Serbia

If overlying, systemic issues are not addressed, then misperceptionsand security rhetoric regarding Wahhabism will put a serious strain on inter-community relations in the Western Balkans.

Politics by other means – netwar for Kosovo

Though an under-explored aspect of contemporary conflict, developments in information technology are fuelling the emergence of new forms of warfare which could pose a unique challenge to state’s critical infrastructure.

Kosovo – an end to the northern crisis?

The new agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the crossing points, plus the removal of some barricades, may provide an opportunity to finally end the current crisis in the north that began on July 25th.

EU integration pitfalls in the Western Balkans

Should stalemate in the European integration process not be properly managed both now and in the future, the EU risks a serious loss of credibility – both as a mediator and as “an anchor for change”.