Belgrade – looking forward and backwards

As Serbia takes another important step on the road towards the EU, TransConflict is pleased to present a series of photos capturing contemporary life in Belgrade; a city still scarred by the legacies of the nineties, particularly the NATO bombing campaign.

By Ted Lieverman

The bombed Yugoslav Ministry of Defence building in Belgrade.

Nostalgia for a bygone age

Two young musicians on Belgrade’s main pedestrian street

Sveti Sava in Vračar, Belgrade

One of Belgrade’s many green markets

An advertisement near the parliament in down-town Belgrade

A protest outside the Serbian parliament

Generations unite to the sound of the accordion

Ted Lieverman is a freelance photographer working on issues of conflict and social justice. His photos have been published by Consortium News, Global Post, and several legal publciations. He is a photographer for Northstar Productions in Fairfax, Virginia, and an associate producer for the documentary film ‘Guazapa: Yesterday’s Enemies’.

To view more of Mr. Lieverman’s work, please click here.

‘Belgrade – looking forward and backwards’ is presented as part of TransConflict’s TransCulture initiative, which showcases efforts to explore and transcend conflict in the Balkans through a variety of cultural means.



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