August 2012

Bosnia from a peacebuilder’s perspective

Reverend Donald Reeves, a peacebuilder with substantial experience in the Balkans, offers five observations on Bosnia and Herzegovina, emphasising that the intervention of ‘experts’ must be on the invitation of the people themselves.

The Window in the Wall

‘The Window in the Wall’ is a planned feature-length documentary filmabout the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, and their efforts to create windows in the physical and internal walls that divide them in Northern Ireland.

Yemen – For Liberty

TransConflict is pleased to present a short film, entitled ‘For Liberty’, which silently pays tribute to the hundreds of lives lost in the peaceful uprising against the Saleh regime in Yemen.

The Bosnian question

The Dayton deal (messy as it was) created conditions for ruling out certain options and managing the remaining options peacefully, thereby enabling other, slower processes...
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Bosnia’s ragged demise

With international interest in the country having dissolved, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s politicians can now start pulling apart the political architecture imposed by the US Government at Dayton, bringing the state ever closer to irretrievable collapse.

Recognizing Bosnia’s constituent ethnic identities

A solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina is to be found in the progressive development of an enlightened, conflict-transformative civic culture that recognizes the country's constituent ethnic identities along the lines of the Dayton Constitution and treats them in a non-discriminatory fashion.
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