Yemen – For Liberty

TransConflict is pleased to present a short film, entitled ‘For Liberty’, which silently pays tribute to the hundreds of lives lost in the peaceful uprising against the Saleh regime in Yemen.

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Support Yemen is an initiative of young female and male activists, journalists, videographers, photographers, web designers and bloggers who have been part of the peace movement in Yemen, where the first protesters went to the streets demanding change on February 11th 2011. In order to attain as broad and diverse outreach in the region and internationally, Support Yemen launched the ‘Break the Silence’ campaign, the objective of which is to deliver their message and make their voices heard around the world.

The campaign is launched with the aim to supporting the peace movement in Yemen, which aims to establish a democratic civic state where the constitution gives people freedom, equality and social justice to every citizen.

Support Yemen uses short video clips exploring a variety of issues affecting the majority of Yemeni people – including the humanitarian and economic situation – with a particular emphasis on peaceful means as a way of transforming conflict in Yemen.

For Liberty

Change Square: Sana’a, Yemen. In silent remembrance of the hundreds of lives lost in the youth’s peaceful uprising against the Saleh regime. Friends and loved ones left behind continue their fight for freedom, justice and equality.

Support Yemen’s principles

  • Stand against any sort of psychological, verbal, physical or sexual violence as well as using any sort of bladed, light, medium, or heavy weapons. SY only supports peaceful struggle and is absolutely against the use of any form of violence by any party, rejecting all forms of strife and armed conflict.
  • In this campaign, SY meet under the umbrella of humanity first and then the loyalty to Yemen, which creates a space big enough for Yemenis from all religious affiliations – sectarian, partisan and geographical; therefore, SY does not allow the exclusion of any component of Yemeni society as it believes in the importance of preserving cultural and political diversity.
  • Under no circumstances should the participants in this campaign put their tribal affiliations, regional or sectarian or partisan public interest before the nation’s interests and the principles of the campaign.
  • Believes in the principle of absolute transparency in its work, with one another, in its releases, and with the media.



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