Kosovo – the way forward?

Reaching the point of enabling some degree of normality in the north and between local and central institutions in Kosovo and Serbia will be a significant achievement and an important step toward political stability in this part of the Balkans.

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By Gerard M. Gallucci

Kosovo has now held it’s first territory-wide local elections since the NATO intervention ended direct Serbian rule there.  Turnout was mixed with most Serbs still not voting and still refusing to be part of an “independent” Kosovo state.  Among the Kosovo Albanians, it was a bad time to be an incumbent.  Dissatisfaction with both PDK and LDK was palpable.  But most importantly, all the Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo – including the four in the north – will now have local governments fully recognized by Belgrade, Pristina and the internationals.  As the terms of the Brussels agreements are further defined and implemented, the days of “parallel” institutions look to be ending.

Belgrade wants into the EU and was serious about making the elections a “success.”  It cajoled and pushed Serbs to vote and to support its preferred Serbian List of candidates (which won all of the relevant municipalities but one).  Belgrade has also worked to migrate at least some of its police into the Kosovo Police and apparently is preparing to do the same with its judges and court officials.  Success here will depend upon Pristina fully accepting the Ahtisaari Plus approach taken by Brussels.  The core of this approach – and essential to winning gradual acceptance among Kosovo Serbs – is local control of local life, free of interference from Pristina, and continued links to Serbia.  This will be hard for the Kosovo Albanian political class to accept (but perhaps less so for the great majority of Kosovars who just want peace and a better life).  The US will have to continue to press the PDK-led government forward even as Prime Minister Thaci faces rising frustration with the current political parties.

A chief challenge will be establishment of Belgrade’s Community of Serb Municipalities (SZO) within Kosovo.  The Albanians will see this as an effort to establish a “Republika Srpska,” a separate entity within the territory of Kosovo but beyond its control.  In this they will be essentially correct.  Serbia and the Kosovo Serbs – certainly in the north – will not accept Pristina’s control or involvement in local affairs – including Trepca North and Gazivoda – and will want status neutral treatment for customs and boundary crossings in the north as well as with identity documents.  But the SZO will not have the same semi-independent legal character as the real RS in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and Kosovo Serbs will be expected to participate in central institutions without the elaborate redundancy of BiH.  In any case, it remains unclear exactly what role Belgrade sees for the SZO, whether it is meant to simply complicate things for Pristina, help Kosovo Serbs while preserving Serbia’s claim to Kosovo and/or as a bargaining chip to trade away at some point.  But reaching the point of enabling some degree of normality in the north and between local and central institutions in Kosovo and Serbia will be a significant achievement and an important step toward political stability in this part of the Balkans.

Even assuming, however, that all of the practical details of implementing the various Brussels agreements can be worked out, much will remain unsettled.  The question of Kosovo’s final status – i.e., Belgrade’s ultimate position on Kosovo independence – looms over all.  It is clear that the EU will not allow Serbia into membership while it retains its claim to sovereignty over the territory.  Kosovo cannot get far into the EU – or the UN – as long as Serbia refuses to recognize it.  But this issue need not be resolved just now and, hopefully, both Serbia and Kosovo will be allowed to move forward in the process meanwhile.

Indeed, overcoming the various ethnic and other divisions still clouding the future of the Balkans might benefit from some more imaginative and daring approach by the EU.  Rather than wait for Serbia to surrender Kosovo, BiH to become more centralized and Macedonia to settle its name dispute with Greece, it could decide to bring all the remaining territories of the former Yugoslavia into EU membership as one, leaving aside the issue of internal boundaries and dealing with each unit individually without regard to its status.  This might be the real way forward.

Gerard M. Gallucci is a retired US diplomat and UN peacekeeper. He worked as part of US efforts to resolve the conflicts in Angola, South Africa and Sudan and as Director for Inter-American Affairs at the National Security Council. He served as UN Regional Representative in Mitrovica, Kosovo from July 2005 until October 2008 and as Chief of Staff for the UN mission in East Timor from November 2008 until June 2010. He will serve as Diplomat-in-Residence at Drake University for the 2013-14 school year.

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  1. Fadil

    Few things to be clear.
    1. Even the most liberal Albanian in Kosovo would not accept having “boundary” with Serbia but normal BORDER, as with other states.
    2. Kosovo Serbs, either in the south or northern Kosovo, must have documents of the state of Kosovo. Actually, many of them, perhaps majority, have Kosovo ID’s because they have to register businesses, receive Kosovo pensions, work in the banks and other employment agencies, police, judges, administrative staff in municipalities etc. ALL of them must have Kosovo documents in order to receive their salaries. ALL of them must have Kosovo ID’s if they want to visit their family members i the south of Kosovo as documents issued from the ministry of interior of Serbia, for Kosovo citizens, are fake and illegal ones. Regardless of what the others consider for the republic of Kosovo such documents are illegal ones as, for example, documents for American citizens living in south of USA would be issued from the government of Mexico!

    3. The EU must continue doing pressure to Serbia not to “surrender” Kosovo but see the reality and concentrate in its own affairs, such as immense level of corruption, crime, public debt as well as weak economy. We see every day huge scandals i Serbia, billions and billions of public money stolen or illegal acquisitions of public property. another big problem for Serbia is so called “white plague”, meaning that Serbia looses as many as 50,000 inhabitants each year, because of very low birth rate, while in Kosovo is totally opposite situation.

  2. Fabio

    There is still an opportunity here for the Albanians to accept partition of Kosovo. It would make things much easier for everyone. It appears that greed is the problem (and stupidity by about 11 key people in the quint). The fact the Albin Kurti is gaining popularity is significant, as the Albanians will lose some of their friends.

    1. Fadil

      Fabio, partition of Kosovo would mean some 40,000 Serbs going with Serbia and almost 100,000 of Albanians in southern Serbia asking the same. What with 500,000 of Albanians in Macedonia or 200,000 of Bosniaks in southern Serbia. What about more than 350,000 of Hungarians in northern Serbia?? What about republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

      So you see, there is no issue here about protecting somebody i.e Kosovo northern Serbs. Its about business, Trepca in particular and this you can see even in this article of Gerard Gallucci. Hi and other Serbian proponents have only one issue in mind – Trepca and other things alike in northern Kosovo. “Fighting” for Kosovo northern Serbs is just a camouflage for their real purpose.

  3. PEN (the fadil slayer)

    Mr Gallucci consistantly approaches the Kosovo conundrum with a subtle and thoughtful overview. The appropriate way forward for all concerned, both ordinary Serb and ordinary Albanian. You on the other hand only understand the concept of black and white. The blinkered viewpoint of a jackass. First to comment, your words evoke nothing but bile and intolerance. I doubt anyone gives a toss about what you think. Fortunately you’re not in a position to do anything but fart away with gay abandon.

  4. Lt Rinas

    Why partition? If Kosovo and Metohia is an unique case, why world shouldn’t make an unique resolution at K&M. The world shoud force Albanians and Serbs (and others in the region) to live together and make a decent environment for next generations. Serbia got the lesson that it can’t maltreat its citizens. Now, K&M (speaking about Albanian national “elite”) should realise that they can’t take a territory of a souvereign state just like that. Some EU member country’s ex-president passed the message to rebel minority, that they can take of the holy national soil that much as it remains on their shoes ,once they leave that country. And he kept the promise. Kosovo as a state is a bad joke. If it is not funny it would be sad…and unfortuantely, it will be sad.

    1. Fadil

      The problem is that Albanians did not take any part of any sovereign state. By the logic of many Serbs, Kosovo is not a state since it is not UN member, although recognized formally by majority of UN members. Taking such logic, the so called FRY (Federal republic of Yugoslavia) WAS NOT a state since it was UN member on 1999 and was recognized formally by just few states. As of June 1999, so called FRY withdrew from Kosovo and since than had ZERO sovereignty over Kosovo. On February 2008 Kosovo declared independence and International Court of Justice found it was according to international law.

      If you say “Kosovo as a state is a joke” than you have big troubles understanding situation. Even former Greek foreign minister Bakoyannis would say “rivers never go back”, speaking for Kosovo independence. So you can have a try to force rivers going back but it will be impossible mission.

      1. PEN (the fadil slayer)

        You destroy your credibility and twist the truth quite successfully without anybody else’s input. I’ve said this all along, not that it needs repeating.
        Kosovo as a province of the republic of Serbia was bound by the laws of that state. The rest is an exercise in pure semantics. Whether the Albanians chose to participate or not was their problem. You and people like you seem to inhabit some sort of alternative universe where abiding by the laws of the country you live in doesn’t apply, simply because you’ve decided it to be so. Launching a rebellion with the backing of powerful patrons confers no legitimacy whatsoever. Any impartial reasonable person would dismiss your arguments as fantasy. Furthermore the ICJ found, after much strong arm tactics by NATO, that the declaration of independence in itself was not deemed illegal. Anybody can pass themselves off as independent, it doesn’t necessarily make it so in law. There’s a big difference. But of course that wouldn’t interest you would it. The whole recognition circus is disingenuous and doesn’t confer legitimacy or credibility.
        If I were you I’d concentrate more in trying to make the space you inhabit (usurped) a more decent place to live in. You may be partially rid of your enemies and done your best to destroy their culture, but you still have to live with yourselves. That’s the hard part isn’t it fadil.

        1. Fadil

          Our Universe says that some bastards in Belgrade, simply violated Yugoslav constitution in force. Kosovo was a constituent element of Yogoslav state. Serbia was jus ONE of federal units and nothing else. Presidency of Yugoslavia had EIGHT members not six, functional illiterate PEN. The Yugoslav parliament had EIGHT and not six delegations. Article 5 of Yugoslav Constitution said that all federal units (naming them and including Kosovo) had VETO POWER to change borders of Yugoslavia.

          Our Universe says that the body called United Nations Security council DID NOT accepted the so called “state” of FRY, which was created being in breach of internationally recognized state – Yugoslavia, known as SFRY. Our Universe says that the vast majority of the world did not recognize de jure such illegal move of Serbia and that’s why nobody called Kosovo as “Kosovo and Metohia” as it was in the so called “Constitution” of Serbia, illegal one for Kosovo as it was adopted illegally.

          Serbian profesor, Ratko Markovic, would say: “Najveći apsurd ovakvog položaja Kosova je što Srbija nije mogla promeniti svoj vlastiti ustav bez saglasnosti Kosova (njegove skupštine), (translation: the biggest absurdity of such a status of Kosovo is that Srbia COULD NOT CHANGE ITS OWN CONSTITUTION WITHOT CONSENT of Kosovo (its Assembly)).


          Kosovo did NOT in any circumstance gave CONSENT for changing of its status, as it was CLEARLY written in Yugoslav Constitution and Serbian Constitution and hence Serbia did it by force and ILLEGALLY.

          This is OUR Universe poor and functional illiterate PEN.

          1. PEN

            I’m afraid your universe comprises entirely of your primitive surroundings and what you conjure up sad deluded little fadil. So the largest constituent republic of Yugoslavia, and the backbone of both incarnations; 1918-1941 and 1945-1991, was just ‘one federal unit and nothing else.’
            Don’t insult people’s intelligence with your inane drivel. Cherry-picking the internet to prop up your silly arguments is a fools errand. And you’ve reverted to hysteria with the upper case caps again. LOL.

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  6. Lt Rinas

    It’s surprising even for me when I hear how many priviledges had a national minority in SFRJ. AFAIK, there is no other state who gave that meny priviledges and rights to an unconstitutional ethnic group. But, Serbs got nothing but decades long pressure for exodus in return, which points to the truth that it was a plan since 1878. No matter how others try to find a common ground…outcome is only one…Great Albania. Nothing new in Balkans.

    1. Fadil

      Yes, yes, 2.5 million people and “national minority” while 0.5 million Montenegrins, 1 million Macedonians or 2 million Slovenians were “majority”!!! According to the idiotic logic 0.5 or 1 or 3 is bigger than 2.5!!! We are not speaking here about minority/majority groups but the fact that Kosovo had been constituent element of Yugoslav federation with VETO POWER. I am citing even Serbian professor Ratko Markovic, by the way Milosevic’s man, who is backing what I said. of course, Mr Markovc said what was written in Constitution and not rubbish even thou Mr. Markovic is well known as Serbian extremist and nationalist.

      Since Kosovo had VETO POWER and since the so called FRY is created WITHOUT Kosovo CONSENT, the outcome of the result is ILLEGAL move of Serbia to create new state, so called “FRY”. Such state, bu the decision of UN SC, did not have right to be successor state of former internationally recognized state and UN member – Yugoslavia.

      That’s why UN Security Council NEVER recognized such move and NEVER called Kosovo as “Kosovo and Metohija”. an imposed name by Serbia for Kosovo.

      The outcome is Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state, member of UN, NATO, EU, OSCE and Council of Europe. Other solutions i.e joining Albania is just and imposed solution and it depends exclusively from Serbia. Kosovo people hope that Serbian politicians are smart enough and continue the EU integration process and normalization of relations with Kosovo so the end of the process is Kosovo and Serbia as two independent and sovereign states become part of the EU.

      If Serbia doesn’t want that, other solutions will be in the table, excluding Serbia in all aspects.

    2. Fadil

      Of course Serbia was just one of constituents of Yugoslavia, and that is CLEARLY written in the Yugoslav Constitution of year 1974 (last one before break up of Yugoslavia). That’s why United Nations Security Council with resolution No. 777 simply DENIED the so called FRY (Serbia and Montenegro) being successor state of former Yugoslavia. This is something functionally illiterate people like person nicknamed PEN do not understand since they live in some other Universes.

      I think people should read again what kind of state was Serbia, a “backbone” of incarnated states. Google translate may help non Serbian readers.




      Fortunately there are Serbs in Serbia to know the truth, what they did, monstrous crimes they committed in the name of Serbian “cause” and backed by criminal state Serbia. Of course such people differ completely from extremists as person nicknamed PEN, a supporter of such crimes.

  7. Lt Rinas

    Albanians were in the category of minority simply because there is Albanian national state bordering Serbia. AFAIK, Albania was offered several times to make union with Serbia, i.e. Yugoslavia. But no, only Great Albania matters, despite how big level of authonomy was dedicated to its minority abroad. And…Serbia speaks about its crimes, Serbia sent every man which was requested by ICC for crimes. From the other side, witnesses against Kosovo and Metohia’s Albanian “elite”, misteriously comit suicide or being killed in traffic accidents, with no culprits found. Who cares, it’s only important to kill Slavic enemy. Big friends like Ottoman Empire, fachist Italy, nazi Germany and now US will cover all the costs.

    1. Fadil

      Hahahaha, According to your reversed logic, Moldova is comprised by national minority of Romanians, Then Cyprus is the state of national minorities of Greeks and Turks. Singapoore if the state of national minority of Chinese (74.2%), two Korea states are comprised by national minorities etc.!!!! This is more than ridiculous logic.

      Secondly, Serbia was NOT a state, recognized my international community but the state called Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). Serbia was just one of constituent entities WITHIN internationally recognized state SFRY. Serbia, became internationally recognized state only by 2006.

      Thirdly, if Serbia surrenders “everyone” who committed crimes why then so much criminals, known by names, walk free in Serbia??? You see in my links, there are witnesses who participated in such crimes, naming criminals by their names. Why Serbia does not arrest such criminals but instead makes life of these witnesses like a hell??

      if I were in your position I would be ashamed from my state and would accept committed atrocities to the others. As long as you blame Kosovo you will sink in dirty waters of dirty jobs done in the past.

      1. Lt Rinas

        You are not in my position and thanks god, you will never be. Somehow, you are avoiding to discuss Great Albania. I’m just wondering why. Speaking about Serbia and its statehood, putting Serbia’s state subjectivity in 2006 shows the level of knowledge of average Red Star supporter. If it was not the matter of knowledge, than it was matter of seriousness. I said about Serbia war criminals, but how about Albanian war criminals. Another topic you avoid? Or you are afraid to become one of those RIP witnesses? But put all this aside, can you tell me what is your idea for the way ahead?

        1. Fadil

          Serbia, is recognized as independent and sovereign state as of 2006, after the breakup of so called state “Serbia and Montenegro” or former FRY. A statehood of an entity is considered when such entity fulfills 4 famous criteria of Montevideo convent. According to such criteria, Serbia, before 2006, did not fulfill 2 of 4 criteria i.e central government (since there was federal government) and ability to enter into relations (diplomatic relations) with other states. This is what professors and experts of international law say. If you have any other idea I would appreciate that. To the best of my knowledge there is no single country in the world to have recognized Republic of Serbia as sovereign state on 2005 for example. So this actually tell us that you have very weak knowledge in this field.

          As for Albanian war criminals we have the EU mission, called EULEX dealing with it.

          I do not avoid discussing “Great Albania” because there is no such issue in the table. Kosovans have a trust to the EU friends and believe that Kosovo and Serbia as independent and sovereign states will be part of the EU, UN, OSCE, NATO etc. If that fails and Serbia cheats on what was agreed than the reserve option will be applied. That reserve option will EXCLUDE Serbia 100%. Of course Kosovo will not be guilty at all in that case.

          The idea ahead is very clear – Ahtisaari plan for Kosovo, same plan for southern Serbia (Albanians, Bosniaks) and the EU integration process.

          1. Lt Rinas

            This remind me of movie Predator when Danny Glover is asking the allien “what you want from us” and allien replied “to die”. If you are taking the fact that Serbia entered the UN as independent state in 2006, as a beginning of its statehood, then I have nothing to say in addition. I can’t adjust my level of discussion to that, or to start with history lecture.
            But, can you leave your “friends” from EU and other “friendly” entities aside for a while and tell me, what is really, I mean really, your idea for the way ahead. Friends will not be there forever, or will have other problems to deal with. Then, only me and you, or our kids will stay, face to face. So, what is your suggestion, letting aside mr Ahtisaari and so.

          2. PEN (the fadil slayer)

            ‘As for Albanian war criminals we have the EU mission, called EULEX dealing with it.’

            In a nutshell this damning response sums up the Albanian mentality perfectly. Leave it up to somebody else to clean up your mess. Somebody else’s money to prop up your shambles of an economy. Somebody else’s army to fight your dirty little war. Somebody else’s police and judges to prosecute your war criminals because you haven’t got the guts to do it yourselves. On the contrary, you protect them and laud them as heroes. There’s nothing independent or sovereign about a territory that’s in thrall to organised crime, utterly dependent on foreigners to prop it up. And all you can bang on about is whether Serbia was a sovereign state in 2006, and the Yugoslav constitution of 1974!
            You’re truly pathetic.

            @Lt Rinas;

            Believe me you’re wasting your time arguing with this person. It’s like the blind leading the blind. He can’t hear you, and never will.

    1. Fadil

      @Lt Rinas,

      I supposed the EU people are also Serbia’s friends or maybe you have some others i.e Russian friends. OK, no problem, you can do that and “join” Russia although too far from your country Serbia.

      The idea is simple – Kosovo is democratic state giving rights to minorities never seen to any other country. As a such is aiming to be part of democratic world meaning part of NATO and the EU.

      Regarding Serbia’s statehood. Seems like sometimes things have to be explained as to pupils in elementary school. I don’t think for Serbia’s statehood but I see FACTS. Of course in formal aspect. I was NOT referring to “Serbia’s beginning of statehood” but to the FACT that on 2005 Serbia WAS NOT UN member as a separate state but in federation with Montenegro. Serbia was NOT recognized as independent state but that federation, in November 2000 so called FRY and later “Serbia and Montenegro”. What you consider in your mind is something different.

  8. Fadil

    @PEN (functionally illiterate)

    Kosovo has accepted to be independent with Ahtisaari plan. As a new country must be helped in many areas, including fighting of crime and corruption. Not a bad thing. Knowing what Serbia did in the past maybe 100 EULEX-es would be needed in that country, to be cleaned from huge number of criminals and corrupted people. actually yes, Serbia is such country that a supervision is needed in next 1,000 years to make it peaceful country.

    As for Kosovo’s Independence and sovereignty nobody asked your opinion neither takes into account what a Serbian extremist says.

    By showing your psychological problems you give me the possibility to show to the world how the right thing was to expel Serbia from Kosovo.

    Nevertheless, there is a hope that extremists like person nicknamed PEN will be lesser and new life in peace with others must begin.

  9. PEN (the fadil slayer)

    Again no idea what functionally illiterate actually means. Sounds like an oxymoron. Although given that the expression comes from you, I think moron would be perfectly sufficient. As far as being illiterate is concerned I think you fit the bill beautifully given how appalling your syntax and spelling is. And naturally yet again you avoid all the issues simply spewing out the usual drivel. Pathetic.

    1. Fadil

      Since you don’t know meaning of functionally illiterate people means that you are functionally illiterate. Nevertheless we are not competing here for English grammar nor its syntax. We are debating here and it must be done facing with arguments. Unfortunately only from my side because people like you PEN, functionally illiterate ones, do not know at all what argumentation is.

      Everything you know is blaming all the world, Kosovo Albanians in particular because all of them wanted to show you how to become human being and not, as NYT wrote 100 years ago, a part of “beast like cruelty”.

      As for “slaying” me you are simply not aware my fortune and other Kosovo people to be free. Just look at your country – Serbia, slaying every day. You may continue spreading poison every day but as long as you do it, you sink in your dirtiness. You are living in wrong century since your mentality belong to 15th century.

  10. Lt Rinas

    I can’t resist…speaking about Russia, it is very well known who in the region had cojones to say “no” to the big daddy with mustaches. And who supported him, even after his death continued his revolutionary way. It is also known who gave shelter to those 800.000 Albanians who came to Kosovo and Metohia between 1950-1980 from Albania. And is well known what they gave in return and as a gratitude. Speaking about Russia…

    1. Fadil

      Lt Rinas,

      Father of your, Serbian nation, Dobrica Cosic, said: “We lie to deceive ourselves, to console others, we lie for mercy, we lie to fight fear, to encourage ourselves, to hide our and somebody else’s misery. We lie for love and honesty. We lie because of freedom. Lying is a trait of our patriotism and the proof of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively and inventively.”

      Imagine the level of lying when Yugoslav authorities have found on 1980s that in Kosovo lived only 900 citizens of Albania. Your lie is 1000 times more.

      1. PEN (the fadil slayer)

        Father of your, Albanian nation, Enver Hoxha, said: We have achieved nothing as a progressive nation. We are mired in medieval clan based primitivism. We have not moved beyond the feudalism of Ottoman times. We are incapable of governing ourselves. We rely on other’s for their largesse. The concept of responsible government based on due process and democracy is alien to us as a people. We export crime to the four corners of Europe and beyond. Most, view us with contempt. And despite all this, we still think the sun shines out of our arse.
        Ever ventured beyond the borders of Bantustan you clown. Go ahead. You’d be amazed!

        1. Lt Rinas

          Even better, those 799.100 got citizenship instantly. But, how it comes that Serbia has a father? That terminology is more appropriate for nations which were created recently. For Serbia you may say only that it has a cradle… and that is Kosovo and Metohia.

          1. Fadil

            @Lt Rinas,

            I am not the first one to call Dobrica as a father of the Serbs. The Serbs do it very frequently.

            I saw it even at Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dobrica_%C4%86osi%C4%87

            “Admirers often refer to him as the ‘Father of the Nation.'”

            What about “799.100” who got citizenship? What are you lying again?

            As for your cradle, yes its known pretty well – Carpathian mountains. The Serbs came into civilized world from that place in 7th century. Albanians were in Balkans much, much earlier.

        2. Fadil

          No, these are ONLY words of one functionally illiterate person, nicknamed PEN, and nothing else. If you think you are not functionally illiterate than please quote your saying and give the source of that quoting. If not, you will officially recognize your functional illiteracy.

          Quoting of Dobrica for Serbian lies is taken from his book Deobe (Division), written in 1961.

          1. PEN (the fadil slayer)

            Indeed, the Albanians have been in the Balkans since Neanderthal times. Problem is, you haven’t really progressed much since then. And you silly little fadil exemplify that regression. However I’m glad to see you’re able to avail yourself of Serbian literature. Proves you can read after all. I suppose you have precious little of your own to refer to. That is unless you count scribbling’s about blood feuds as literature!

  11. Lt Rinas

    Not from Carpathians, rather from Siberia, can’t you see a phonetical similarity. You finally drag me down to your level of conversation…the problem is that you are superior due to your experience. I precisely said that Serbia’s credle is in Kosovo and Metohia which is correct as a statement. The fact where and when Serbs came from is irrelevant, or you would like to derive some “historical rights” from those assumptions. I believe that also Albanians came from some place some time in the past. I don’t want to repeat some theories about Albanians’ origins. Also, your constant citation of writers is quite boring. I would add that it is a moral value of Serbian intellectual elite, selfcriticism. Your problem is that you, all the time, are trying to find differences and points of conflict between Serbs and Albanians, and no word about similarities and common points. In addition to that , a would say that the main reason for latterly said is that the dialogue about Kosovo and Metohia is between Priština and Belgrade and not between Tirana and Belgrade. Your “friends” from one oversea country and their sattelites from EU, gave a false impression to Priština that it is some significant factor. It is…until further notice.

    1. Fadil

      Lt Rinas,

      It was you mentioning “the cradle” of the Serbs, not me. Secondly, the cradle of the Serbs, by many scholars is considered Rascia (Raska in original) and not the present territory of Kosovo. Thirdly, I never like talking for historical issues nor consider that history is the basis for the rights of people. No, I fully support contemporary system of democracy and people who vote and elect their leaders in any given territory. So i write and recall few historical things when Serbian extremists start writing rubbish.

      The dialogue must continue between both states, Kosovo and Serbia aiming to European integration and being part of the EU as independent and sovereign states. Serbian minority in Kosovo will have all rights, provided by Ahtisaari plan and the same rights as Serbian minority in Kosovo must be provided to Albanian minority in Serbia. This is the way forward. If Serbia does not want that, other options could be considered.

      1. Lt Rinas

        Exact Serbian minority has to be precisely established, all refugees back, to establish the voting rights. You are anationalist extremist, not me. You were always mentioning Serbs’ origins and the date of arrival in context of the right to exist at all, don’t lie around . And again, you have full mouth of the word “rubbish”. Albanian minority in the rest of Serbia, aside Kosovo and Metohia, has all rights guaranteed by international standards. Serbs in Autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohia don’t have full scale rights, at all. The minimum souvergnity of Serbian state will remain in K&M. Other options will be consider sooner or later, don’t worry

        1. Fadil

          Lt Rinas,

          All Kosovo Serbs have voting right, even those who left Kosovo 14 years ago. Who are you trying to lie here again?? The Serbs in Kosovo have rights never seen in any other country in the world. Even though Serbs are no more than 5%, Serbian is official language over all territory of Kosovo. Serbs have special rights in education, municipal level and Kosovo Assembly. The Serbs in Kosovo have special, ten reserved seats out of 120. I don’t know such an entity “Kosovo and Metohia”. What is that? Serbia can’t have neither will have either maximum or minimum of sovereignty over Kosovo. Serbia can have over Kosovo ONLY ZERO sovereignty.

          As of “other options” from Serbia, “sooner or latter” I know what you are referring to – attacking of Kosovo. Let me say that Kosovo and Albanian nation is fully aware of such scenario and fully prepared for proper response of such an adventure from Serbian side. I am afraid that apart of “white plague” the Serbs might have such an huge bleeding that will be too fatal for them. Hopefully such a scenario is in minds of extremists like you only. But, as I said, Albanians are not afraid on that at all. The looser is known very well – the Serbs and their territory shrunk into well known “Beogradski pasaluk” (former ottoman territory governed by a Pasa).

  12. Fadil


    You are showing again your functional illiteracy and yourself as a big liar, a real follower of Dobrica Cosic. Of course since you were unable to show sources of Enver Hoxha’s “quotations”. As for your rubbish, no one would be interested wasting of the precious time.

  13. PEN

    @Lt Rinas;
    You and I both know that engaging with an imbecile like fadil, is akin to arguing with an ape. You will never get a sane response. You can have a ‘constitution 100 pages long safeguarding a minority’s rights none of which means diddley squat if some moron intends to lob a grenade through your window, beat you up on the way to church, or desecrate your cemetary. This is the reality of Serbian cultural life in ‘multi ethnic Kosova’ The ‘state’ espoused by sociopaths like fadil. You and I both know the reality for Serbs in Kosmet. No Brussels agreement will alter that. Ziveli!

    1. Lt Rinas

      Pen, there is no arguing with Fadil, the guy is here with a task. You see that they are trying to achieve an Internet statehood as they can’t have the real one. I wouldn’t be surprise that even by the statement “yes, Metohia is property of Kosovarian monasteries and churches which belong to Kosovo cultural heritage”. Speaking about minority rights in K&M is like speaking about Jewish voting rights in Aushwitz…

      1. PEN

        @ Lt Rinas

        I find it so amusing the energy expended on internet recognition, yet genuine recognition in the real world is so elusive for them. Gradually Serbia is emerging as a modern, democratic European nation. And that’s a good thing. I hope you have a job and are able to support your family. Ignore fadil, he’s a coward and a parasite. A keyboard commissar hiding somewhere in Pristina. He’s so far up his own arse he can’t see daylight. Kosmet is Serbian land and always will be. Ten million Albanians occupying it wouldn’t change that.
        By the way fadil it’s sick minded not ‘sick mined’ you cretin.

  14. Lt Rinas

    Metohia means “the church or monastery proper”, in this case related to lands which belong to Serbian Ortodox Church. It is obvious why you don’t recognise that part of the name of southern Serbian province. Otherwise, someone could ask you where are those churches mentioned in the name. Also reminds you about real holders of K&M identity. (for me it is strange how you and your bosses didn’t change the name of Kosovo, as it comes from Serbian language). Also, someone could ask you how it comes that there is only 5% Serbs in K&M, when they were some 25% a period ago. Now, you are threatening about “other options which may be considered”, counting that you have the whole NATO and masters of universe-USA backing you up you and immediately after that daring to accuse and interpreting my words about “other options” simultaneosuly exposing Prizren Laugue to take “all to Niš”. Listen, you are just a common commissar and demagogue, nothing else. There are many things to be solved before Kosovo and Metohia reach its final status, step by step, event by event, person by person, property by property.

  15. Fadil

    @Lt Rinas,

    You “criticized” involving history and now you do the same. You are so contradictory person. From an Serbian extremist, nothing special. Actually, dealing with history would show us that the Serbs were nomads in the Carpathian mountains and eventually settled in the Balkan peninsula in the 7th century. This is something every pupil of fourth grade in elementary school knows. Having this in mind, nobody takes into account your rubbish mentality about “monastery proper” in Kosovo.

    And yes, as for Kosovo status, everything is known. Today, the EU, gave the date for accession negotiations with Serbia BUT with one “small” condition: everything in Kosovo, in the aspect of governance and laws will be based on the laws of the state of Kosovo and before Serbia enters the EU, must SIGN with the state of Kosovo a judicially binding document for fully normalization of relations with Kosovo, which is formal recognition of Kosovo as sovereign and independent state. The members of Bundestag said it very clearly.

    This is good move. This tells us that extremists and fascist in Serbia are isolated and can suffer with their sick mind. Take for example you and this sick mined person, nicknamed PEN. It is a joy seeing such extremists suffering while normal people enjoy the life.

    1. Lt Rinas

      Still on duty? Or night shift? I told you once, not from Carpathian, from Siberia. Actually, Siberia is bad spelling of Serbia. Regarding EU, even Chekoslovakia had to sign Munich Agreement and after some time they annuled it, as it was signed under grave threat. Well, if things go wrong, this all actually reminds on times of Munich Agreement and Sudets issue. Only, at that time it was Reichtsag, and not Bundestag as you proudly announced.

      1. Fadil

        @Lt Rinas,

        I just check time by time responses of Serbian extremists like you and functionally illiterate, nicknamed PEN and make a joy to myself giving some important arguments. The Serbs maybe came even from Siberia but i see NYT referring to them as “the Servians”. I suppose you know English meaning of “serve”. What is known perfectly is that the Serbs came into Balkans as nomads, some 1300 years ago not even knowing to process the land. Seems like some of them behave similarly even today, as nervous nicknamed PEN, who would say that “Kosmet is Serbian land and always will be. Ten million Albanians occupying it wouldn’t change that.”

        Somebody should tell to this stupido (Spanish) that today we live in 21st century. He is still living in the 7th century and as a nomad eventually found himself in the UK. I really do not understand the UK keeping such primitive minds. This primitive person should know that today people VOTE in democratic elections.

        Nevertheless, Serbia may annul the agreement with Kosovo and the EU. I don’t see a problem on this. You may do it tomorrow. I don’t know what are you waiting for. Just do it, now!

        I told you already, Kosovo has a CHOICE and will go forward regardless on whether Serbia continues European integration or not. We, Kosovars, do not relate at ALL our status based on what Serbia does. Absolutely not.

        1. Lt Rinas

          Listen, it is very well known, who will have the last word in this so called disscussion and that’s – me. You may draw a parallel like in relations of Serbia, Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohia and international community; the las word belongs to Serbia. In the beginnig of 20th century, AFAIK, international name for today’s Serbia was Servia. Even today, in Portuguese it is Servia. I believe that you are also familiar with one of the theories about name – sorab, or rab božiji (God’s slave), so generaly, you’re right, servants of God. I hope that I will not hurt your sensitive feelings if I ask whose servants you are: American or German?

          Regarding the EU and plans and whatever…today it seems much clearer for me…EU wants Serbia, but without its southern refuge province and they want to put its province in the same row with Turkey and Albania. Don’t worry, I don’t believe that Serbia or Servia, whatever you like, will allow that, we will go together.

          1. Fadil

            @Lt Rinas,

            Finally I agree with you in one thing – Kosovo and Serbia will be part of the EU together, as two independent and sovereign states. Of course even in the document for starting of accession talks of Serbia with the EU is clearly stated that before Serbia enters the EU, will sign with Kosovo judicially binding document (treaty) for fully normalization of relations, which means recognition of Kosovo as independent and sovereign state. This is very good move of Serbia, regardless of the views of Serbian extremists.

  16. Lt Rinas

    “I just check time by time”…well this “time by time” is pretty often, like being on shift duty. I believe that you understood me perfectly, there is no option of independent Kosovo and Metohia, speaking about Serbian position, and that is the one which matters. Evenmore, I could bet good money that Serbian southern province will ask to rejoin in the moment when Serbia, or Servia, reach that stage of signing “mutually binding document”, or simply saying, that document will be kind of withdrawal of selfproclaimed independence of so called state of Kosovo. If not, no problems, it will be withdrawn anyway. Maybe I’m a mazohist, but I hope to see in this souveregnity arrangment, also the role of Albania. Only, having in mind today’s Czech prime minister statement, that will not be the case.And I’m not an extremist at all, I am very moderate.

    1. Fadil

      @Lt Rinas,

      I thought you started thinking rationally but seems like you need some more medicals to fix your brain. You can continue dreaming every day and that is not my problem at all. What matters is what say and do those WHO MAKE DECISIONS. What extremists and functionally illiterate people say, doesn’t matter at all.

      Those WHO MAKE DECISIONS say, very clearly, that Serbia or Servia MUST recognize Kosovo before joining the EU. Before that, full normalization of relations must be accomplished.

      I am willing to listen and trust 1,000 times more to decision makers than reading dreams of some Serbian extremists and ridiculous people. You can just continue dreaming of Kosovo “withdrawal” of its independence!!! LOL and its more than LOL. You made my day.

  17. PEN (the fadil slayer)

    Tell us fadil, what do you do for a living? Other than type garbage from your keyboard in Pristina, what is it that you actually do?

    1. Fadil

      PEN (functionally illiterate),

      I do work for a private company, very big one with turnover in billion of euros worldwide and I am part of top management in the Kosovo branch. I am very successful in my life. Of course I have some time fighting against virtual Serbian extremists and their proponents.

      I fight for my country – Kosovo, giving arguments and the truth about Kosovo. If I don’t do that, people like you may share easily their poison and viruses. I am the antivirus against viruses, which extremists like you spread out.

      I will NEVER not stop defending my country.

    2. Lt Rinas

      What does he do? This is his job, he is a commisar, it is obvious as he uses caps lock. “Those who make decisions”, he said that, almost in religious trance, the same as he mentioned Bundestag. Sad. He just looks at his masters, that is what he does. So when you so smart and selfconfident, can you explain, why those who make decisions force Serbia to recognize the joke named “Kosovo” (and Metohia)? Because it is not worthy without Serbia’s recognition. Why is not worthy without Serbia’s recognition? Because it was achieved illegaly, through emmigration from Albania and pressure on Serbs to leave. You are destroying even Serbs’ graves. It was achieved through foreign intervention with total compromitation of R2P principle. That’s why Serbia is the one “who makes main decisions” in this case, only Serbia can make it legal, which will happen ……never.

      On its way to EU (which I’m not sure that is a good idea for Serbia having in mind current philosophy of Europe, which tends to be US reflection in the mirror over the ocean), Serbia will have many, many chances to speak about that, as well as Pri[tina “elite” will have to explain “where are the Serbs who lived in Serbia’s southern province”. Regarding Belgrade, withdrawal of declaration of independence is totally irrelevant, as it was declaration itself. The same is with international courts; any voluntary firefighters company may declare whatever they want, also they can withdraw declaration, no difference. As I said, it will be very funny to see Serbia in EU and its southern province out of it. But no worries, anyway, there are thousands of request for Serbia’s passports, which actually proves that so called citizens of so called Kosovo (and Metohia) are actually Serbian citizens and they feel Serbians (not Serbs, just to make distinction).

      So, comissar, here is your homework, make you bosses happy. And you may take some medicine for you brain, but read carefuly the manual, you will not be smarter, whatever medicine you take.

      1. Lt Rinas

        I just saw the explanation of job position…I suppose that the company is something like Trepcha mines, Serbian company taken by some “friend” from US or EU. That explains so religious defence of friends’ opinions, friends are actually bosses. That is another isue which will have to be solved, like Trepcha mines and other properties in Kosovo and Metohia. The long way ahead.

        1. Fadil

          @Lt Rinas,

          I really enjoy reading some SciFi writings from Serbian extremists. I was recently in Serbia and I saw people who really don’t care at all about Kosovo. Normally they care for their LIFE. Only Serbian extremists,sick minded, like you and person nicknamed PEN would think differently. So actually you are those guys sharing propaganda and spreading viruses.

          I told you, but most importantly to the public that Kosovo and Serbia need normalization just because the life continues. If Serbia want cheating and tries to change on what was agreed than such a fake state will have huge consequences. First of ALL, none of the EU members that recognize Kosovo as independent and sovereign states would vote in favor of ratification of Serbia’s accession into the EU. I recall you that Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy etc. are NOT banana republics so one day they recognize one state and after a few years they withdraw recognition because of such non relevant states as Serbia. If such strong states fall into the trap of Serbia, what others i.e Russia may think for them?? So if the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia would see Kosovo as part of Serbia they would never recognize that territory as independent and sovereign state. All Serbian politicians do admit that such states will never withdraw their recognition. Such states will never allow Serbia to play games with them because DECISIONS whether to accept Serbia into the EU will be made from such states NOT from Serbia.

          So I told you go on with your dreams. It is not bad dreaming. As for Trepca, nothing is to be solved. It is property of the state of Kosovo. If you admit then OK, if not who cares at all about your opinion.

  18. PEN (the fadil slayer)

    What I find absolutely hilarious is that anybody who doesn’t accept his idiotic views, is automatically an ‘extremist, sickminded, irrelevant, etc. etc. In other words a genuine democrat and representative of his people. In fact he perfectly illustrates the conditions under which non-Albanians are forced to endure in ‘Kosova.’He has an inferiority complex a mile wide. He lives in a medieval clan kleptocracy where corruption, mob violence, and organised crime are a way of life. He doesn’t defend his country because he has no country to defend. And that’s what hurts him the most. Reading these exchanges only justifies my feelings of contempt for ‘spokesmen’ trying to justify the unjustifiable. Serious criminal activity is a way of life for large segments of his community the length and breadth of Europe. There isn’t a country in Europe and beyond (ask the Americans)that doesn’t have a significant Albanian prison population. Fadil really needs to step out of his comfort zone and see what the wider world thinks of him and his ilk. And as for a senior position in a multi billion dollar company, he’s probably referring to the narcotics industry to which his countrymen excel.

    1. Fadil

      PEN (functional illiterate),

      While speaking for criminality I suppose you think for the most criminal state as Serbia is. Just imagine that few days ago a mass grave is found in Raska (Serbia) where as much as 250 Albanian murdered civilians are found. Criminal state of Serbia killed them in 1999 and that was not enough but wanted to hide the crime transporting their dead bodies from Kosovo to Serbia. Even nazis and fascists didn’t do that.

      Who cares at all whether Serbian extremists and fascist consider Kosovo as a state or not. Everybody knows what is position of Serbia and how the world has perception for this country and not just perception but the reality of being the most criminal state in Europe. Not to speak for being responsible for genocide by international criminal court.

      Everybody can see how primitive you are while saying that “in Kosovo may live 10 millions of Albanians but Kosovo is ‘Serbian'”. Your primitive mind doesn’t accept the fact that we live in 21st century where people vote, elect their representatives and determine to whom belong such an entity.

      As for narcotics, again, you refer to the most criminal state, Serbia, with tons of smuggled cocaine not to say about Serbian criminals who become even CANNIBALS eating each other. I think you remember the case of Serbian cannibals ff Zemun clan eating their friend after they killed him in Spain.

      1. PEN (the fadil slayer)

        Thus far the Rudnica site has unearthed the remains of four individuals. Hardly 250. Major world states such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, much of the Spanish speaking world etc. etc. consider your silly little ‘Kosova’ an American sponsored construct. Nothing to do with ‘Serbian extremists.’ How dare you speak of Nazis and fascists when Albanians collaborated with Germany and fascist Italy. It is a statistical fact Albanians are more likely to be involved in organised crime, document fraud, narcotics, slave trade, pimping and prostitution throughout Europe and the US far out of proportion to their numbers by comparison to other nationalities. Albania and by definition Albanian run Kosmet is perceived as highly corrupt by independent research data. KLA war criminals are NEVER prosecuted by Albanian courts, unlike in Serbia or even Bosnia. You protect sadistic killers simply because they’re Albanian. FACTS fadil FACTS! Your attempts to defend the indefensible is pathetic and always was. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care. Knowing you, you’ll ping back your stock response which only serves to diminish you as a human being. This isn’t about defending your ‘country’ it’s about being a man and recognising where you are in the world. Have the guts to pursue your own miscreants, and maybe society won’t view your people with contempt anymore.

        1. Fadil

          PEN (functionally illiterate),

          Again only rubbish by your side. You have a courage mentioning FACTS, but never giving a SINGLE one. Just rumors and nothing else. “Somebody said”, “somebody wrote”, you find these as FACTS!!!

          I mentioned nazis and fascists because never heard that they killed anyone and transported dead bodies hundreds of kilometers away. In the history, BY PROVEN FACTS, only criminal state of Serbia did that. As for nazi collaborators I think you recall Serbian chetniks as very good collaborators with nazis and fascists.

          I always quote FACTS. I say, by strong evidence, that Darko Saric is the mafia boss of trafficking tons of cocaine. He and as much as 300 Serbian companies are responsible for money laundering, amounting billions of euros. I say highly corrupt cases in Serbia i.e “patriotic stealing” in more than 2 billion euros stolen, Kollubara, RTB Bor, Agro bank, NIS and tens and tens of other corrupt and criminal cases amounting tens of BILLIONS of euros. You never give a SINGLE case in Kosovo.

          I mentioned criminal groups in Serbia i.e clan of Zemun and the fact that they are such criminals so became even cannibals.

          I am not saying at all that there is no corruption in Kosovo or criminal activities but there is NO comparison at all leveling Serbia. We have so many international organizations and the biggest corruption case found is one with passports, amounting 1.4 million euros, which comparing with corruption cases in Serbia, amounting billions, is nothing.

          When you mentioned some states such as China, Brazil, Russia, are such states symbol of democracy and rule of law or corrupted, criminal and antidemocratic states?? Just look who recognizes Kosovo – Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and many others of the top countries with democracy, rule of law and LESS corrupted in the world.

          As for transporting of killed Albanians from criminal state of Serbia from Kosovo to Serbia, you can’t hide that fact. Maybe you “forgot” Batajnica and even Rudnica where according to your, Serbian media, as much as 250 Albanian dead bodies are there.

          1. Lt Rinas

            Go to see a doctor, you are going crazy. Facts cannot be changed by caps lock. “Some states such as China, Brasil, Russia….antidemocratic states…(and don’t forgett India, please)” …at least those antidemocratic states are in their yard and they are not spreading “democracy”” worldwide like US and sattelites do in southern Serbian province Kosovo and Metohia, Iraq, Afghanista…just name it. You are going completely insane, or your boss is making a pressure on you as your rubbish spilling here is not going well. Speaking about rubbish from your brain about your state Serbia…you may ask through this forum an assistance when you decide to ask for a red Serbian passport in order to reach EU. At least, you are Serbian citizen, and I will assist you as I would do to any of my fellow countrymen.

  19. Fadil

    @Lt Rinas (another functionally illiterate),

    Yes, of course, everybody with the IQ more than 10 (it is not you as your IQ is LESS than that) knows that Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany, USA, Canada etc (which recognize Kosovo as INDEPENDENT AND SOVEREIGN STATE) are FAR, much far democratic states than Russia, China and such states.

    I have my own state and that is Kosovo. I have Kosovo passport but if I need to go in any EU country i need visa. Even those who have Serbian passport and live in Kosovo MUST have VISA. So the EU already did separate Kosovo from Serbia. Even though i would NEVER and EVER take Serbian passport, I do NOT need it AT ALL.

    If I need a second passport than I can go to Tirana and have one. Albania also is in the visa free regime with the EU countries so why one would need Serbian passport?? You are just demonstrating your functional illiteracy by lacking of this information.

    In the end, I suppose you read what your president, Tomislav Nikolic, said two days ago: Serbia MUST recognize Kosovo before entering the EU. Your politicians know it perfectly but functional illiterate citizens of Serbia, like you for example, do not know that.

    Here is the link on what Nikolic said: http://www.b92.net/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2013&mm=12&dd=23&nav_category=11&nav_id=792605

    1. Lt Rinas

      @fadil (who doesn’t have IQ high enough to understand what IQ is)

      They already released you from the hospital?! I’m very glad that you follwed my advice to see a doctor, but it is bad that they released you after just a couple of days, to rubbish around again with caps lock.

      Don’t mind going to Tirana, anyway you are planning to have a common passport with them. Actually, half of present population in southern Serbian province Kosovo and Metohia, can have Tirana passport as they are originating from there.
      Speaking about IQ, you apparently didn’t realise that I’m speaking about “reaching EU”, not going there for three months for smuggling, asking for asylum or similar activities. As it is tendency now, it seems that Albania will have a Turkish destiny regarding accession to EU, so I’m repeating what I offered in previous reply. Please use both IQ units you have, to understand this.

      I don’t see what is disputable with Nikolic’s interview on internet link you provided. He said what will be asked from Serbia to do and he clearly said what Serbia will not do, and that is to recognise so called independence of so called state of Kosovo (and Metohia). And I also said in some of previous replies that even Prishtina “elite” will ask to rejoin Serbia in order to reach (again: not to go) EU. When we come to recognition of other states, the recognition by itself is just act of acknowledging of situation. Once when situation changes, they will acknowledge again. The only problem is that you still don’t see your chance in that. You believe that you got your independence, but, as it was actually given (but not recognised by Serbia, which is crucial) to you by your “friends”, you don’t know what really to do with it. Alas, if something is given, the receiver is not master of the given thing and he has to dance as givers play. There is no independence in Kosovo and Metohia “independence”.

      1. Fadil

        @Lt Rinas (functionally illiterate),

        I know I know, we will run to “rejoin” Serbia!!!! You don’t have IQ even equal to that of idiot. You are worse than an idiot. I would really know your psychological situation. I never met in my life such people with such a fantasy.

        As for people of Kosovo, who cares at all for the opinion of one Serbian extremist and functionally illiterate person. You may think whatever you wish.

        Serbia must recognize Kosovo as it is asked very clearly from diplomats!!! This is what Serbian president Nikolic said.

        Nikolic: “mi nemamo zahtev da priznamo nezavisnost KiM, ali diplomate govore da će to biti uslov bez koga se ne može.: English translation: we don’t have demands for Kosovo recognition BUT this (Kosovo recognition from Serbia) is a CONDITION without which is not POSSIBLE (being part of the EU).

        So it is good that Serbian president knows that WITHOUT Kosovo recognition, Serbia CAN’T be part of the EU.
        Of course, functionally illiterate people, can’t grasp that.

        Serbian officials also said they will “never” meet “separatists” from “provisional institutions” but they did. Serbian officials said they can’t normalize relations with Kosovo but the process is ongoing. Serbian officials signed and Serbian Assembly approved Brussels agreement by which in Kosovo will be ONLY Kosovo institutions and ONLY Kosovo laws to be applied.

        Serbian officials know perfectly that USA, Germany, France, UK are NOT banana republics to withdraw recognition and hence Serbia must recognize Kosovo if it wants the EU.

  20. Lt Rinas

    Ehh, it is quite relaxing speaking with you in the same way as it is good to visit primitive nature from time to time. No brain, no pain. They released you from hospital for whole holidays? Good. I wish you all the best in 2014.
    It is quite hard to communicate with you as it is hard to explain how cloud looks like to a blind person.
    Serbia would like maybe to speak about some things with its southern province Kosovo and Metohia, but it seems that it is impossible now, as you have an illusion of being independent. Your level of admiration to western gods is really disgusting. Do you really believe that Serbia will recognize Kosovo and Metohia in order to enter EU? Even if Serbia wish to do that, she can’t. But, no chance with your IQ to understand this.
    No worries, enjoy holidays and happy New Year.

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