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Areas of Expertise

Journalists Initiative for Youth Empowerment has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

Founded on October 1, 2011 in Abuja-Nigeria, Journalists Initiative for Youth Empowerment (Ji4Ye) is a non-profit development communication organisation supporting young people to stay away from violence, create jobs for themselves and participate in democratic governance.  With partner organisations and individuals around the world, Ji4Ye works to to end youth unemployment, youth radicalization and youth apathy in democratic governance in Nigeria. Currently, Ji4Ye works for-and-with-youths in Jos and Niger Delta.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

AYHD upholds the principles of conflict Transformation by:

  • Research and Analysis – Ji4Ye undertakes comprehensive evidence-based research to provide a deep understanding of job crises realities. Our analysis shows gaps in job creation planning, implementing, evaluation and regulatory mechanisms. It also exposes the sectors of the economy which has direct impact on job creation and job loss for youths.
  • Policy and Advocacy – Ji4Ye lobbies the Senate, House of Representatives and State House of Assembly on employment-friendly legislations. Ji4Ye sent memorandum to the National Assembly, and have sent petitions to relevant stakeholders to influence legislation in favour of job creation for youths. We influence public opinion and inspire community action through our direct citizen engagement.
  • Reporting – Ji4Ye reaches out to youths using Radio, TV, Photographs, Newspaper, Social Media, Entertainment, Bulk SMS, Campaign materials.
  • Training and Capacity Building (TRACAD) – Ji4Ye recognises the importance of building the capacity of youths and stakeholders in all areas of our work. Ji4Ye seeks to learn and share from the technical expertise of international partners, local partners and community experiences to maintain and develop our role as facilitators.
  • Human Rights Monitoring – Ji4Ye campaigns against abuse of the rights of employed youths in their workplace.

Where and with Whom

Ji4Ye is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission-CAC/IT/NO 60372, and also recognized by the National Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Abuja. Ref: NUJ/CAC/1/II/12/Vol 1. Ji4Ye is a member of the Youth Employment Network (YEN), an inter-agency institution of the UN, ILO and the World Bank. Also, Ji4Ye is on the Database of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of ECOSOC; and participated in the UN’s e-dicussion on jobs, decent work and inclusive growth. Phase II: Part 2, which held 8-16 March, 2012.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

  • Job Creation and Fund Raising School – The idea behind this training is to de-mystify job or business creation by nurturing jobless youths on how to “start with nothing”, especially work-at-home jobs. We provide them with knowledge which turns them to assets. JCS mentors jobless youths on business and social entrepreneurship as an alternative job creation strategy.
  • Bribe-for-job Investigative Reporting – A petrol station attendant counts Nigerian’s currency, the nWe uncover the bribe-for-job and other fraudulent, harsh, discriminatory, and unfriendly recruitment and disengagement practices which deny qualified youths jobs in public and private sector. Again, we report how influential Nigerians hijack available job openings for their children and cronies.
  • Job Search and Application Counseling – Transiting from the Universities to professional life is a big challenge to many Nigerian graduates. They are worried and have remained jobless because they do not know what employers require in prospective employees, how to get employers looking for them, where the jobs are, how to know if the job is for them.

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