Youth for Peace Building and Development in Africa

Contact Information

  • Where – Nigeria (Western Africa)
  • Website –
  • Contact Person – Peter Obiomachukwu
  • Email –,
  • Address – Suite 82, NAOWA Complex, Near Command Guest House, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

Areas of Expertise

Youth for Peace Building and Development in Africa has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

  • 1. To develop and ensure a peaceful society of young people and children devoid of gender based violence, civil unrest and other negative social vices;
  • 2. To empower children and youths against HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, poverty and poor education that threatens peace;
  • 3. To support women and men in the eradication of violence, especially against women and girls in conflict areas of Nigeria;
  • 4. To effectively build and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of women and community organizations responding to violence against women in Nigeria;
  • 5. To advocate for the protection of young people and women, especially from the Niger Delta.
  • 6. To utilize mass and socially critical media to engage women and youths in anti-violence against women and conflict prevention strategies.
  • 7. To create understanding about the teachings and practice of both Christianity and Islam, in order to build a solid inter-faith society;
  • 8. To develop effective communication and interaction, thereby promoting peaceful dialogue between religions and other groups.
  • 9. To create mutual understanding and religious harmony, and co- existence, among all the people of Nigeria, irrespective of ethnic differences.
  • 10. To carry out women and youth leadership programmes, encouraging women and youth to participate in, and contribute to, leadership development and growth in Africa.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

As a youth-led and youth focused organisation, YOUPEDA is thematically well-versed in redirecting the social dynamics in conflict areas. It has done a lot capacity building and training, lobbying and advocacy. It has good working relations with the police, military and other security and law enforcement agents, but also in the educative and juridical system. It has a track record in dealing with religious and community leaders, stakeholder sensitization, advocacy and mobilization. YOUPEDA trains young people to facilitate peace and use traditional heritage of peace to transform conflicts situations in localities and communities. YOUPEDA also educates young people about issues of conflict in order to improve community dialogues and encourage them to undertake conflict management voluntary visits and activities.

Where and with Whom

YOUPEDA’s national office is in Abuja Nigeria. In the North Central, there are five YOUPEDA Desks, and at the state level YOUPEDA has four states offices in this zone. In the south east of nigeria, YOUPEDA has eigh active desks and two offices in Aba, Omoba. In the south, YOUPEDA has two offices and six desk offices.YOUPEDA’s main counterparts over the years have been its members, and good minded individuals in society. YOUPEDA has one partner in the US, World Faith, and another group in the Netherlands called, United Young Peace Builders (UNOY) – the Hague.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

  • Training and retraining of YOUPEDA youth members and other peace activists in conflict and crisis issues in Nigeria, including:
    • Conflict and peace,
    • Culture and identity,
    • Conflict analysis,
    • Approaches to intervention,
    • Integrating humanitarian assistance,
    • Development and peace building,
    • Facilitating dialogue,
    • Mediation and negotiation,
    • Processing trauma,
    • Faith, values and religion in Africa,
    • Reconciliation and reintegration
    • Advocacy campaign in communities;
    • Collaborative partnerships, networking, coalitions and alliances
    • Research and information sharing with members.

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