Unification Nepal

Contact Information

  • Where – Nepal (Asia)
  • Contact Person – Hari Devkota
  • Email – unnepal8@gmail.com
  • Address – Gorkha municipality 3, Gorkha, Nepal

Areas of Expertise

Unification Nepal has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

UN-Nepal is an autonomous, non-religious, non-governmental, not-for-profit, and apolitical organization established for lasting peace and development by empowering, involving and informing young people. UN-Nepal believes that the youth are the most vulnerable and valuable resource. UN-Nepal is one of the youth-led organizations that is seriously concerned about peace and development through the empowerment of youth.

Vision – peace and prosperity in Nepal

Mission – Ensure a platform for young people in the nation-building process.

Goal – informing, involving and empowering youth, thereby enhancing their capability to lead the nation.


  • To bring young people into the mainstream developmental process through youth empowerment and by trying to minimize the brain-drain problem.
  • To provide a safety-net for conflict-affected people, thereby trying to heal their problems.
  • To focus on social aspects of development, such as health and education;
  • To raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, STDs, women trafficking and other contemporary health issues.
  • To provide educational support to orphans, helpless and vulnerable children, and to try to secure their rights.
  • To provide an open platform for discussions and interactions about contemporary issues for social progress and harmony.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

UN-Nepal employs many methods for analysing conflict – including onion tools, problem trees, 3Ps, stakeholders analysis – which provide the basis for its conflict transformation activities.

Where and with Whom?

UN-Nepal – as a youth-led organization – focuses its activities for peace through mobilizing and involving young people. It has worked together with political parties and the student union in Gorkha, and is now planning to expand its activities into other districts.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

Peace as Peoples’ Right

With the support of Ministry of Youths and Sports, UN Nepal has implemented the Peace as Peoples’ Right, through which women and young people were trained, and VDC level stakeholders’ meetings and interaction organized. The project was also comprised of oratory contests at school and street dramas.

Youths for Peace

The Youths for Peace is a short term project funded by the Ministry of Youths and Sports Kathmandu and implemented in ten VDC’s of Gorkha Districts. Leadership and appreciative inquiry training was provided to youths, who were also engaged on issues related to transitional justice and the role of students in peacebuilding. A radio programme on the voice of youth was also produced.

Skills for Employment Opportunities

In collaboration with ADB and the Training Centre Nepal, UN Nepal has implemented the ‘Skill for Employment’ program in 3 VDC’s of Gorkha. The aim of project is to improve living standards through accessing jobs and creating employment opportunities. Under this project, 20 people received house carpenter training, and 20 people electrical training and motor cycle repair training.

Leadership Development Project

With the support of DDC Gorkha, UN Nepal has implemented a youth leadership project in Gorkha. The project has three different trainings for youth leadership, with more than 100 youths were trained through this programme. The content of the training were leadership and its barriers, critical inquiry and personnel development.

Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP)

An ongoing projects funded by DDC Gorkha, which works for social mobilization in different VDCs. LGCDP seeks the effective delivery of government services and ensures that citizens can exercise their bargaining capacity.

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