Frontier Organization for Reforms and Transformation

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  • Where – Pakistan (Asia)
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  • Contact Person – Hidayat Wazir
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  • Address – House #1, Captain Shehzad Shaheed Road, University Town, Peshawar, Pakistan

Areas of Expertise

Frontier Organization for Reforms and Transformation (FORT) has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

Frontier Organization for Reforms and Transformation (FORT) is a national non-governmental, non-profit organization established in Pakistan in June 2011. FORT’s mission is to support disadvantaged people in alleviating poverty and building peace in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. FORT works with civil society, government, and others to achieve these aims through advocacy, capacity building, and delivery of services.

FORT’s objectives are as follows:

  • Provide a platform for dialogue and collective action among and between peace and development stakeholders;
  • Empower citizens and government to develop representative, responsive, participatory, and accountable governance;
  • Strengthen community and institutional resilience to and management of crisis, including conflict and natural disaster;
  • Facilitate locally-driven socio-economic improvements through cooperative processes that promote inclusion, equitable benefit, and responsible stewardship.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

FORT was established in June, 2011. Although still relatively young, FORT has been working for more than four years in peace building work. The primary target area of FORT at present is North Waziristan and FORT has been able to bring various stake holders from North Waziristan to the table for dialogue. FORT envisages being able to play a role in bringing peace to this area. For this purpose, FORT has for the past four years arranged peace dialogues and plans to continue a series of peace building initiatives. These dialogues have led to the establishment of trust and reduced isolation for North Waziristan, whilst opening avenues of cooperation between the stakeholders, the people of North Waziristan, the political administration and the international community. At the same moment, development is very necessary for this area. People want education facilities, employment and development such as roads, schools and water supply etc.

Where and with Whom?

FORT’s target areas are the Federally Administrative Tribal areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but at present its prime target is North Waziristan, as it is the worst hit area due to conflicts and military operations. FORT was able to hold several rounds of dialogues between the International Community and the leaders of North Waziristan, which included international organisations such as SDC, UN and DFID. It is widely believed that North Waziristan is the epicentre of terrorism and, in such an environment, FORT was able to hold dialogues three times, demonstrating that the people of North Waziristan are peace loving and want to go forward with dialogue, development and to overcome its isolation. This first phase of the project was funded by Ploughshares, with whom FORT continues to work. FORT has recently distributed Clean Water Tablets – provided by the Argentinean Embassy – and have installed Clean Water Filtration Plants in North Waziristan, provided by the German Embassy with the help of Poverty Alliance.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

FORT advocates for having a platform for dialogue and collective action among and between peace and development stakeholders. FORT has been able to bring various stakeholders from North Waziristan to the table for a dialogue between the national and international community. FORT believes that by taking the main stakeholders and people of the community in confidence and winning their trust can result in a reduction of tension, conflicts, isolation; thereby building peace and mutual understanding. FORT has been successful in its mission so far to remove misconceptions and hostilities among and between the local and international community. Thus it was due to the efforts of FORT that it has been able to hold successful dialogues for the past four years between the leaders of North Waziristan and international community. It was also due to the success of these dialogues and establishment of trust that FORT was able to involve the Argentinean and German Embassies, respectively, to provide clean water tablets and filtration units for the people of North Waziristan.FORT believes that conflict can be transformed by taking the right and robust measures. However, the major role is played by the society itself. Only when the community is aware of the consequences of conflict and ready to adopt mutual measures can the air of peace and trust prevail. To identify the root cause of a hostility in an area is key to transforming the society into peaceful and prosperous area. Moreover, measures need to be taken to bring awareness and to engage the society in constructive and positive activities which will ensure public participation, raise awareness and bring peace to an area.

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