Kosovo – what 2012 might bring

Though various factors suggest a strong effort to remove north Kosovo as an element of contention between Serbia and the West, the possibility of continued stalemate remains and the danger of renewed conflict cannot be excluded.

Post-Gaddafi Libya – a liberal peace project

Despite Western policy-makers insisting that they will not meddle in Libya's internal affairs in the aftermath of the war, it is hard to believe that the Libyans will be in the driving seat when it comes to choosing their country's future governance and economic systems.

New Serbia, new NATO

TransConflict Serbia is pleased to present the contribution of Ambassador Lawrence Rossin, NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations, to the conference “New Serbia, new NATO – Future Vision for the 21st Century”, which took place in Belgrade in December 2010.

Bezbednosna orijentacija Srbije

U petak, 27. maja, u organizaciji fonda TransConflict Serbia, održan je Okrugli sto povodom objavljivanja Zbornika tekstova pod nazivom „Nova Srbija, novi NATO – vizija budućnosti za 21. vek“. Tom prilikom je okupljen značajan broj istaknutih gostiju, predstavnika akademske zajednice, nevladinog sektora i istraživačkih institucija.

Simulating NATO in Serbia

The inaugural Model NATO Serbia took place in Belgrade from 20th-22nd May, providing university students from throughout Serbia with an opportunity to directly experience NATO's consensus-based decision-making structure.

New Serbia, new NATO

TransConflict Serbia, in conjunction with the Forum for Ethnic Relations and Klub 21, organized a conference, entitled ‘New Serbia, new NATO – Future Vision for the 21st Century’, on 3rd and 4th December, 2010.

NATO not a panacea for energy security

TransConflict, in conjunction with Jagello 2000 from the Czech Republic, organized a panel discussion, entitled 'NATO's new Strategic Concept – Russia and Energy Security', to coincide with the recommendations and analysis of the Group of Experts appointed to lay the groundwork for the development of a new Strategic Concept.

National perspectives on NATO's new Strategic Concept

On the day that the group of experts charged with leading the development of NATO's new Strategic Concept presented their analysis and recommendations, TransConflict Serbia organized a conference in Belgrade, entitled 'National perspectives on NATO's new Strategic Concept'.

No "reduced need for NATO"

In an interview with TransConflict Serbia, the Czech Republic's Ambassador to NATO, H.E. Mr. Martin Povejšil, responded to a series of questions regarding the development of NATO's future and the development of a new Strategic Concept.

NATO’s new Strategic Concept discussed in Serbia

On 30th March, TransConflict Serbia organized an initial public discussion about NATO's new Strategic Concept in Belgrade. Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, this initiative has been designed to promote active debate about, and involvement in, the development of a new Strategic Concept amongst specific key target groups from throughout Serbia.

No selective neutrality

Calls for a referendum in Serbia on NATO membership are motivated not by a desire for an open and transparent debate on the issue of collective security, but by narrow political interests.
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