Kosovo – what a mess

Given the spate of bad news emerging from Kosovo in recent weeks, the only way forward is for the international community to again attempt to achieve a political solution, this time with Belgrade directly.

By Gerard Gallucci

Though it is winter and should have been a time for nothing much to happen, over the last few weeks Kosovo has produced nothing but bad news. First an election with so much fraud that it required another election to be held in order to fix it. Then a Council of Europe (CoE) report alleging that Kosovo’s top leadership had been involved in organ and people trafficking in 1999-2000. This was followed by another CoE report criticizing Kosovo for its failure to protect witnesses of war crimes. The European and American supporters of Kosovo independence were said to have overlooked these issues in the name of political stability. To top it off, the Kosovo leadership has sought to discredit the Swiss investigator who authored the trafficking report – labeling it as Nazi-like propaganda – and conducted what the Washington Post described as a “witch hunt” against Albanians who aided the investigation.

All this comes at a time when the European Union and UN are standing by to facilitate talks between Belgrade and Pristina that some hoped would lead to negotiations and eventual agreement on the remaining political issues that have blocked Kosovo from moving forward. Fewer than 40% of the UN membership recognizes Kosovo independence despite the recent decision by Qatar (#73) to do so. Five members of the EU continue to refuse recognition. It seems clear that Kosovo will reach the third year anniversary of its independence declaration in February as a still un-finished state. It seems likely as well that it will reach that date without a government, or with one severely weakened by continuing charges of corruption and electoral fraud, a cobbled-together coalition that may not be able to survive a vote of no-confidence and a leadership that few countries, including “friends,” will be eager to embrace. Negotiations on substantive issues under these conditions are unlikely to be fruitful if they occur at all.

How did all this happen? Four reasons emerge: the Quint’s decision to push ahead with a unilateral declaration of independence without the sanction of the UN Security Council and then to seek to brush the UN aside; Serbia’s effective diplomacy to raise questions about the declaration and prevent a landslide of recognitions; the refusal of hardliners among the supporters of independence – especially the US and UK – to accept any form of compromise with Belgrade while they supported Pristina’s efforts to bully Kosovo Serbs into submission; and the US and EU strategy – while exercising leadership of both UNMIK and EULEX – of appeasing the Kosovo Albanians in order to maintain “control” and stability. The “independent” Kosovo was allowed to come into the world with vast problems – political, economic and criminal – swept under the carpet while the Quint focused on seeking to pressure Serbia to simply surrender its claim to the territory.

It would be easy to say that the US/EU effort to force their desired outcome for Kosovo has backfired. But the real issue is now how to move forward with a Kosovo that is not only incomplete but likely to remain so indefinitely without a political settlement both sides will accept and without continued international tutelage for many years to come. There seems only one way forward, for the internationals to make another try to achieve a political solution, this time with Belgrade directly. The Kosovo Albanians cannot keep up their end in any genuine negotiation as long as they pursue their maximalist claim to all of Kosovo on their terms. Indeed, they would have to be strongly constrained during any negotiations from seeking to provoke instability within Kosovo or the region as a “bargaining chip.” The six-member Contact Group – the Quint countries of the US, UK, German, Italy and France plus Russia – should work together with Belgrade on a political accommodation that accepts Kosovo independence as a fact but also recognizes Serbian interests, including economic and commercial and vis-a-vis the Church and the Serbian-majority north. The mess that Kosovo has become requires a new approach to begin cleaning up.

Gerard M. Gallucci is a retired US diplomat and UN peacekeeper. He worked as part of US efforts to resolve the conflicts in Angola, South Africa and Sudan and as Director for Inter-American Affairs at the National Security Council. He served as UN Regional Representative in Mitrovica, Kosovo from July 2005 until October 2008. Gerard is also a member ofTransCconflict’s advisory board. The views expressed in this piece are his own and do not represent the position of any organization. You can read more of Mr. Gallucci’s analysis of current developments in Kosovo and elsewhere by clicking here.

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  3. Toni

    Good thing that you finally showed your real face Mr. Gallucci as an opponent to the Kosovar statehood. It was unfortunate that you headed UN in Mitrovica and from that time Mitrovica still remains divided. Kosovo is a country and is there to remain forever. Problems that Kosovo is faced with are nothing compared to the genocide it went through from Serbia. We did overcome the problem then, and be sure this political mess will be overcome more easily. Kosovo will be part of EU and all the other institutions in due time and Kosovars will get the respect that they deserve.

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  5. Alberti

    “conducted what the Washington Post described as a “witch hunt” against Albanians who aided the investigation.”

    What a propaganda machine. It was ‘Washington Post’ or Carla Del Ponte’s co-writer? Oh, ooops. The rest is easily solved, don’t lose faith.

  6. Alberti

    “This was followed by another CoE report criticizing Kosovo for its failure to protect witnesses of war crimes.”
    Can’t even hide the glee you and Jeremic, can you? Too bad for these headlines: “Reportedly “dead” witnesses in Haradinaj’s case alive

    PRIŠTINA — The Muriqi brothers, witnesses in the case against Ramush Haradinaj, who were reported as murdered by the CoE Rapporteur Jean Charles Gardetto, are alive. ”

    Enjoy while it lasts

  7. nikshala

    Mr. Galluci,

    Tha Ahtisari plan (inculding decentralization) is a compomise that recognizes serbian interests in Kosovo. Any further ‘compromise’ and autonomy for the ‘north’ of Kosovo, will lead to direct partition. If that is what you support, which is probably the case due to the biasness that you have continually shown during your political involvement in Kosovo, then be brave and say so.

  8. Rom

    Toni. Please provide evidence of genocide by Serbs in Kosovo. Before that maybe look up the definition of genocide. Then ask yourself why Serbia is a multi ethnic country, & why all non Albanian Kosovar minorities face persecution, pogroms, intimidation & death at the hands of KLA terrorists.
    According to DEA reports the KLA, led by Thachi was responsible for the vast majority of Heroin trafficked into Europe.

  9. Gerard Gallucci

    Just to be clear. In the last paragraph I note that a real political resolution must recognize the independence of Kosovo. Also, while the Ahtisaari Plan does include features meant to help maintain Kosovo as a multi-ethnic society, it was not, strictly speaking, negotiated with Belgrade. Rather it was presented to them after discussions. The fact is that most of the world has not recognized Kosovo independence due to continued Serbian resistance to it (from Belgrade and in the north). This is a drag on Kosovo and would seem to require further efforts to reach a political agreement that ends the current impasse. Recent events also seem to suggest the need for more work to put Kosovo on a European path. The EU should therefore stay on the job.

  10. albiqete

    Six pivotal themes in Serbian propaganda are

    1. Victimization, in which Serbs were constructed as collective victims first of the NDH, then of Tito’s Yugoslavia, and more specifically of Croats, Albanians, Bosnians, and other non-Serbs.

    2. Dehumanization of designated ‘others’, in which Croats were depicted as ‘genocidal’ and as ‘Ustaše’, Bosnians were portrayed as ‘fanatical fundamentalists’, and Albanians were represented as not fully human. These processes of dehumanization effectively removed these designated ‘others’ from the moral field, sanctifying their murder or expulsion.

    3. Belittlement, in which Serbia’s enemies were represented as
    beneath contempt.

    4. Conspiracy, in which Croats, Slovenes, Albanians, the Vatican,
    Germany, Austria, and sometimes also the Bosnians as well as the U.S. and other foreign states, were seen as united in a conspiracy to break up the SFRY and hurt Serbia. In this way, the Belgrade regime’s obstinate disregard for the fundamental standards of international law was dressed up as heroic defiance of an anti-Serb conspiracy.

    5. Entitlement, in which the Serbs were constructed as ‘entitled’ to create a Greater
    Serbian state to which parts of Croatia and Bosnia would be attached, under the motto,’ All Serbs should live in one state.’

    6. Superhuman powers and divine sanction. The Serbs were told that they were, in some sense, “super”. They were the best fighters on the planet, they could stand up to the entire world, and they were sanctioned by God himself, because of Tsar Lazar and the fact that Lazar had chosen the heavenly kingdom. Moreover, since Lazar had chosen the heavenly kingdom, the Serbs, encouraged to view themselves as Lazar’s heirs, were entitled to the earthly kingdom which Lazar had repudiated, as their patrimony.

  11. Alberti

    “Also, while the Ahtisaari Plan does include features meant to help maintain Kosovo as a multi-ethnic society”

    And do you honestly think Ahtisaari will be in play anymore? It ain’t happening, if the North goes then you asking for a population exchange of sorts. Sandzak might ask for something, Presevo Valley as well.

    By the way, this tempest on a teapot, stirred by Dick the Fraud Marty (that conveniently hides behind temporary immunity) will be short lived. In fact it’s dead already. No one takes him seriously, headlines aside, he has no evidence becuase there’s no evidence to be had. You can’t do transplants or take organs in caves, old houses with no water or electricity or take them by donkey to the airport, hoping to find a plane. Every sane person knows that it takes a super-sterile and super-modern clinic with trained staff.

    Gardetto, that other moron from Monaco, named two living people as an example of witnesses being killed. That shows the type of losers we’re dealing with.

  12. Petar

    Always amazed by the hypocrites who attack the Serb perspective in a derogatory fashion. They use the same snearing methods by which they accuse the Serbs. Prejudice, underlying rascism, triumphalism and gloating. There are but a few such examples demonstrated here.
    Instead of finding practical solutions suitable to all for a long lasting peace, the Albanians demand a maximalist outcome to the detriment of everyone else. The fact remains Serbia is a multiethnic multireligious State. The only such State left in the former Yugoslavia. Kosovo on the other hand is an exclusivist and racist invention intolerant to all non Albanians. You constantly demand respect. Well earn it. Show your maturity by compromise, negotiation and tolerance. Rid yourself of corruption and primitive clan violence. And prosecute those responsible for war crimes. Then people may see you in a different light.

  13. Alberti

    Hey Galluci, are you being paid by Serbia /Serbs by any chance? It’s OK if you are and frankly I hope they pay a gazillion, I’d love for them to lose money.

    This is where the Dick Marty got his ‘information’ from http://whitepaper.prohosts.org/ , Serbia’s BIA. This is plagiarized directly by the Dick : “Although some of the UCK activity could be described as a liberation struggle against an oppressive Serbian regime, serbianwhitepaper@gmail.com doesn’t believe in UCK as a liberation movement.”

  14. Blackbird

    And just WHY should the criminal, mafia so-called independent state of Kosovo continue on its rotten path? Why? We’re talking about a regime built and sustained even today on gun-running, sex slave trafficking, heroin trafficking, murder and organ-trafficking, along with routine intimidation or murder of all those who oppose any of this. How many wrongs will make one right? Does might make right? NATO ensured Hitler’s goals were finally met in Kosovo, goals Hitler, himself, couldn’t accomplish due to resistance by the Serbs. Is that the West’s mission now — to fulfill Hitler’s dreams? Well, well done then!

    Kosovo is by international law recognized as a province of Serbia, a law that was ignored when it suited the greater agenda of countries like the U.S., Germany, Britain et al. This monster child of an independent Kosovo was an evil seed conceived in the collective womb of terrorists, murderers and thieves and then brought to life by cesarean section using bombers as surgical implements. (The actual surgical implements were used for organ trafficking.)

    This was nothing less than a land grab by Albanians in Kosovo with international assistance by those who wanted Camp Bondsteel in the Balkans and knew they wouldn’t get it any other way. To get what they wanted, these countries shamefully looked the other way and even cozied up to the KLA, knowing full well what those KLA “leaders” stood for. They were familiar with and supported the actions of the likes of Thaci and Ceku in Croatia who were directly involved in the ethnic cleansing and murders of 250,000 Serbs, just in the Krajina, alone. Why not support organ trafficking, too, eh? What’s the difference?

    No, Mr. Galluci, Kosovo must NOT go forth. One grotesque act on top of another fixes nothing, least of all your consciences if you have them. Those that you work for may well have bribed the Tadic government with big promises if they give up Kosovo for the “reward” of EU membership, but the fact is that the EU needs Serbia more than Serbia needs the EU. And despite fear-mongering propaganda to the contrary, if Serbia doesn’t join the EU, it will do just fine. And Serbia will only give up Kosovo if its own leadership is as corrupt as Thaci’s and the West’s and, since that leadership has been installed there by the West, perhaps it is. But, if Tadic had been able to sell to Serbs the idea of relinquishing Kosovo, he’d have already done it. Do you have any comprehension of what Kosovo represents to Serbs — their heartland? Keep pushing, Mr. Gallucci, in the direction of getting Kosovo recognized, followed by giving Kosovo EU membership, and that’s when Europe’s troubles will really begin, when Kosovo Albanians get those EU passports in their fists.

  15. billy bob

    Partition is the only option. The North, Gracanica and Strpce should go to the Serbians and the rest to the albanians. There can be a thick line separating the two for now with the EU/Russia manning it. The Orthodox churches can use the Mount Athos method and be independent. This would be the most equitable solution.

  16. El Dorado

    Mr. Galluci, everything you wrote about the situation in Kosovo speaks against independence of Kosovo, but, still, in the last paragraph you suggest “a political accommodation that accepts Kosovo independence as a fact”. How can a criminal enterprise that puts in danger, not only its neighbors, but individuals all over Europe (heroin trafficked to the West, organ stealing from poor Eastern Europeans, prostitution of poor Eastern European girls, etc) be rewarded such a high reward of an independent state where crime and mafia reign supreme? Is it only to save face of the dangerously corrupt US and West European politicians?

  17. Gerard Gallucci

    A few comments. First, no one pays me to write. Second, I do not advocate for or against independence. It is a fact. Serbia lost Kosovo in 1999 and is in no position to get it back. There is no way to make it part of Serbia again, certainly not through force of arms. But, third, Kosovo is also unfinished, as Veton Surroi said in Washington a few weeks ago. It will remain so until there is an agreement with Serbia that provides some recognition of its continuing interests in Kosovo. Lastly, repeated threats by some Kosovo Albanians that if they do not get their way they will drop Ahtisaari, and seek “population exchanges” and other regional changes do not serve Kosovo’s interests. It makes them sound like threats from a thug rather than the behavior of European democrats.

  18. Toni

    Dear Rom, I am very much aware of what genocide means. To me, if the Serbian state ordered its military and police to raid a village in Kosovo, burn all the property and kill everyone, kids and elderly included, that is genocide. And that is exactly what happened in Kosovo. KLA killed no civilians but took the guns to protect people and property from the Serbian army who wanted Kosovo clean of Kosovars. The Hague tribunal released all the KLA figures from charges of killing civilians and the case of the so much debated organ harvesting issue has been investigated more than three times by local and international legal bodies and the result was: a big fat lie of Kosovo’s independence opponents. Having nothing at your hands to prove KLA killed civilians and all the bla bla bla following it, is nothing but a well-known Serbian propaganda of the ’90s. It is clearly not working.

    Mr. Gallucci, please stop trying to balance your sided article by providing comments on it and what the others have to say. You will be always remembered as someone who destroyed the future of a generation of people of Mitrovica by creating obstacles and not resolving their everyday problems, during your “reign” as chief UN staff in Mitrovica. Shame on you.

  19. Alberti

    —“It will remain so until there is an agreement with Serbia that provides some recognition of its continuing interests in Kosovo.”

    Or until Serbia is ready to enter EU, or until Kosova reciprocates with the embargo (hurt Serbia by $400 mil a year), ban Serbian documents unless they accept Kosova’s etc etc. Serbia is bluffing, they have nothing left, just help some Serbs lob a few more grenades in the North.

    —“First, no one pays me to write.”

    Speak? Visit? ‘Thank tank’…maybe paid ?I ask because Transconflict clearly has a Serbian flavor (see ‘board of directors’, translated in Serbian..) Maybe it’s for internal Serb consumption as you are being represented as “Former American diplomat,” mistakenly hinting that you are indirectly stating a new Kosovo policy.

    —“It makes them sound like threats from a thug rather than the behavior of European democrats.”

    Wow, mighty touchy, aren’t we? If Northern Serbs (all 30,000 of them) can’t live with Albanians why can the southern ones? And why should the Albanian in Presheva etc live with Serbia? Truth is that you and Serbia have switched to trying to make Kosova a Bosnia, where Serbia can veto everything. In a sense, a state destined to be a failed state forever and a Serbia colony. It’s not going to work Mr Galluci. Remember the Ahtisaari was a package, if Serbs /Serbs don’t accept it in the entirety, then everything is off. For example, 5% Serbs have at least 20 votes in a 120 seat parliament and a say in the constitution. Do you thin this crap will stand then? Do you think they will be two sets of laws in Kosova? Keep dreaming or helping keep the Serbs in a delusional state of mind.

    Let’s start with Serbs paying for the 12,000 civilians they massacred, tens of thousands of wounded, raped, the houses they purposefully destroyed and then we can talk economics. Write about that, next time.

  20. winston

    Alberti, you are an Albanian propaganda machine. Mr. Gallucci has written a truthful and accurate article, and all you can do is slander him with your separatist Albanian nonsense. BTW, why do you still use the Jamie Shea 12,000 dead Albanian figure, that has been proven wrong. Are you possibly playing the victim card?
    Please admit, an independent Kosovo, with Albanian rule, is a complete failure and in shambles. Thaci is shown to be a criminal clan thug, and there is no one else to lead in Pristina. As opposed to listening to informed diplomats like Mr. Gallucci, you chose to ridicule him, and turn a blind eye, like the West did, to Kosovo’s leadership problems. If you really love an independent Kosova, then why not try and help this new entity survive, as opposed to blaming its critics?

  21. Alberti

    —“Thaci is shown to be a criminal clan thug, and there is no one else to lead in Pristina”

    Who showed him to be a criminal, a report with zero facts by the Dick Marty? And two, there plenty of people. States are not created and made successful in a year or two, Galluci should know it better than anyone here. Look at Serbia: Dacic, that idolizes Slobo Milosevic is second in command and just a few years after having a PM killed Serbia is criticizing others. Things change

    —“the Jamie Shea 12,000 dead Albanian figure, that has been proven wrong. Are you possibly playing the victim card?”

    Google this Winstonovic: “BELGRADE — The Humanitarian Law Center has so far registered 13,472 victims—9,260 Albanians and 2,488 Serbs— in Kosovo between 1998 and 2000.”

    That was in 2008, before several new mass graves were discovered.

    —“As opposed to listening to informed diplomats like Mr. Gallucci”

    Informed with an agenda, and I disagree with his solution. Serbs like to listen to him because he is one of the few that agrees with them.

    Any other questions ‘Winston’?

  22. THE

    It is vital to firstly make a copy of this comment, and then to send to as many people as you can, and for them to send it to others.

    The opinions in this comment are based on facts, logic, and a correct understanding of Human Nature and Human Behaviour.

    We have seen how Britain and America have cunningly held onto their Global Hegemony, even though it against the interests of the European Union, who are supposed to be their friends and partners.

    This is the way that Britain and America treat what really are the closest that could be considered to friends and partners, even though they are only Puppets of Britain and America.

    This was done with slowing down the European Integration Process using Kosovo, so that Britain did not have to use Euros, so that they can Secretly Print Pounds and convert them on the Black Market to Clean Euros.

    The Kosovo matter has also impoverished the Balkans, and impoverished Continental Europe, and Anglo-America has been very cunning to use the Kosovo matter to hold onto their Global Hegemony for as long as possible.

    At the same time, they want to create a Temporary Anglophile and temporary NATOphile segment of Europe against European Interests, and at the cost of European Interests.

    We have seen the Criminal extent to which Britain and America have gone in order to achieve their Evil Conspiratorial Plan.

    Britain, America, and the Nazis of Europe will need to tear up the United Nations Charter in order to achieve their Evil Goal, because the Kosovo Albanians do not want Proper Negotiations.

    It could be that some European Union Countries think that an Arbitrary Imposed Autonomy on the Kosovo Albanians is the Solution to their steadfast refusal at Proper Negotiations, even though a United Nations General Assembly Unanimous Passed a Resolution for Proper Negotiations.

    It would not surprise many of us, if many of the European Politicians have been Puppetized because of their Lust for MONEY by the Overly Represented Zionist Influence in Britain and America.

    We all know that some British and American Citizens with Wealth and Power in Britain and America want to Rule the World, and they need a way to Puppetize their European and Anglo-American Puppet Politicians.

    Please do not even bother to suggest that reporting on facts and on what other informed people have to say about certain Jews makes me Anti-Semetic or anti any Race, because intelligent people will ignore such nonsense.

    People are People, and Human Nature is Human Nature, and there is not even one Race of Humans that is totally pure.

    A corrupt Business Environment can be compared to a septic tank where the Solids always Rise to the Top.

    Russia did the right thing by cleaning up Corruption in the Business Community of Russia to protect the Fine Reputation of the Honest Businesspeople.

    If Russia did not clean up the corruption of Business Practice, then Britain and America by means of their Puppets, the Nazis of Europe, would have secretly and privately have said to investors of non-Anglo-American countries that Russia has not cleaned up its Business Corruption.

    Britain and America by means of their Puppets, the Nazis of Europe, would have asked other countries not invest there, because Britain and America want to make the Good Profits in the now Clean Russian Business Environment.

    It could be that the Jew Mikhail Khodorkovsky was planning to Paedophile Blackmail the Russian Politicians like he and his Jewish Friends may have done with the Drunkard Boris Yeltsin.

    It could be that the Jew Mikhail Khodorkovsky was Paedophile Blackmailing Boris Yeltsin because he and his Jewish Friends may have Filmed Boris Yeltsin unknowingly committing Paedophilia while he was in one of his daily Drunken Stupors, in order to become the Jewish Dictator of Russia.

    We continue to hear criticism of how a Convicted Criminal should be declared to be pure, and how the Richest Person in a Country should also be its Dictator in order to perfectly reflect the Dictatorship in America.

    I used the term Dictator rather than Ruler, because if Mikhail Khodorkovsky had become President of Russia, then Russia would have been a Jewish Oligarchic Dictatorship.

    We know that this is what some American Politicians who could be Paedophile Puppetized falsely claim is a proper Democracy.

    The following is what I found on the Internet, and unless the CIA or Mossad change the Internet location, the rest of the Article can be found at http://www.sunray22b.net/oliga….


    Oligarchs are the hard faced men who did well out of the collapse of the Soviet empire after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. The Wikipedia’s article, Russian oligarchs tells us that they are hated in Russia but manages not to let us know that there is very good reason and that six out of the seven are Jews. Given that they made off with some 85% of Russia’s assets you can see why there is no love lost there. The one who is not a Jew may well be Alexander Lebedev. He was KGB which is a good sign. Russians can be thieves too.

    The Jews – Where Are They Now 1?

    The link is http://www.exile.ru/2007-May-1…, but it says; Link is missing, We’ve updated our site, but you can still find what you’re looking for here: http://old.exile.ru/2007-May-1…. But we recommend you stick around and use version 2.0 of the eXile site.

    Of the seven oligarchs who controlled more than 50% of Russia’s economy during the 1990s, six were Jews: Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Friedman, and Vitaly Malkin. Berezovsky also controlled the state television station and several newspapers, while Gusinsky’s media empire controlled NTV, Russia’s only national independent TV station, as well as major radio and print outlets.The main stream media – well just big enough – tells the truth for once. It does not say which one was not a Jew.

    The Jews – Where Are They Now 2?


    When the Tsar’s secret police wrote and distributed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion around the turn of the 20th-century, they essentially invented modern anti-Semitism.

    Ninety years later, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a funny thing happened: Russia’s media and finance was overwhelmingly controlled by Jews. Paranoia and fiction became reality. Of the seven oligarchs who controlled more than 50% of Russia’s economy during the 1990s, six were Jews: Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Friedman [ Mikhail Fridman ], and Vitaly Malkin. Berezovsky also controlled the state television station and several newspapers, while Gusinsky’s media empire controlled NTV, Russia’s only national independent TV station, as well as major radio and print outlets.

    This is from The eXile free tabloid newspaper which is based on Moscow and seems quite sensible, albeit informal. It is an update of their other article on the same theme.

    We all know that some Anglo-American Citizens with power in Anglo-American Countries who want to Rule the World will need a way to Blackmail their Puppets.

    MONEY alone could not be the method, because after a person has millions or billions, then they can retire and enjoy the reluctant kindnesses of the Dictators of America.

    Death threats alone could not be the method, because anyone can find refuge in another Country to escape being executed by Anglo-America.

    It is only logical that filmed Paedophilia is the only way to make sure that the Blackmailed Puppet remains a Puppet, and keeps the Secret Conspiracies a Secret.

    We all know that America has no problem with giving their puppets the red carpet treatment, even if they are War Criminals.

    However, even Mighty America, or any other country could not find an excuse for protecting a Paedophile from being extradited to another country to answer the Allegations.

    We continue to hear criticism of how a Convicted Criminal should be declared to be pure, and how the Richest Person in a Country should also be its Dictator in order to perfectly reflect the American Model of ‘Democracy’.

    I used the term Dictator rather than Ruler, because if Mikhail Khodorkovsky had become President of Russia, then Russia would have been a Jewish Oligarchic Dictatorship.

    We know that this is what America thinks is a perfect Democracy, because many America Citizens think that America is a Dictatorship.

    Even many America Loyal and Patriotic American Citizens think that America is not a Democracy, but an Evil Dictatorship.

    There are many people who want an Eastern European Summit Conference of Experts to begin discussing how to best handle this matter of Paedophile Puppetship that is a product of Human Lust for MONEY.

    Many People think that there is even a possibility that Paedophiles who wish to be Secret Paedophiles all their lives will be Puppets for the Overly Represented Jewish Influence in Britain and America.

    It is a necessary Human Right for those Politicians and other Influential People who have been Paedophile Puppetized by Britain and America to have a Country of Refuge.

    Such a Country of Refuge would need to be a non-Puppetized Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council, like Russia or China.

    It is an Enlightened and Modernized Policy to allow a place of Refuge for those People in the World who have been Paedophile Puppetized by Britain and America.

    Those who have been Paedophile Puppetized by Zionist Dominated Britain and America will need a Spandau Type Prison for their Protection and their Rehabilitation.

    We, the people of Democracyland, whose national borders are defined by the United Nations Charter and International Law are committed to the Highest form of Democracy known to Mankind.

    Democracyland will be a true Democracy, it will have 100% Public Funding for Elections; it will have no military alliances; it will be 100% against racism; it will have no genetically modified crops; it will plant many trees; and it will have 100% recycling.

  23. Blackbird

    No, Toni, you obviously have no concept of what genocide means. Your claiming to know using example just shows your ignorance. And I won’t even attempt to counter a statement that has no basis in fact and gives no evidence, but even it that were true, which it is not, your example does not constitute genocide.

    Genocide was committed by Hitler with whom the Kosovo Albanians sided. It is a travesty to accuse Serbs, of all people, who lost massive numbers in fighting Hitler’s fascists.

    Alberti, you are, as they say “full of it!” There were approximately 10,000 people killed — in total — in the Kosovo war, and slightly less than half were Albanian. That means that, since Albanians were in the majority (due to massive illegal immigration and equally massive birth rates), the brunt of the war was suffered by the Serbs who had a much higher loss of life in relation to their population. Check…your…facts. Not everyone who is on the internet is a gullible American or Brit.

    Mr. Galluci, so what you are saying, in effect, is that even though Kosovo is a criminal pseudo-independent pseudo-state that was formed by murderous thugs who ripped out and sold to the highest bidder the vital organs of Serbs, Roma and others, who have maintained a thriving heroin trade, a thriving sex-slave trade, who launder money….nevertheless, this horror show of a state, completely dependent on the west holding it up, has to go forward?! So, umpteen wrongs make a right. No wonder the world’s a total mess. Let’s not pretend anymore to be a lawful, civilized society, shall we?

    I hate to tell you, but Serbia will not recognize Kosovo — not even with that American puppet Tadic in charge. And the EU should take a flying jump off a high cliff. Serbia doesn’t need it. Enough carrots and sticks. You supported the wrong side, Mr. Gallucci, and you know it — therein lies your real conflict.

  24. Liza

    Gerard Galluci lists various things that are wrong with post-1999 Kosovo, and with its unilateral declaration of independence. But, then goes on to say that Kosovo’s independence must be accepted as ‘fact’. Who’s fact? USA-NATO’s fact? Anyone who cares to know,knows that their selfish needs for one more huge military base propelled USA-NATO to bomb Serbia and steal away Serbia’s province of Kosovo in 1999. The plans for Camp Bondsteel were in place before 1999. So, as long as Camp Bondsteel is there, USA-NATO (and apparently Mr. Galluci) will continue to turn a blind eye to ‘the mess that is Kosovo’.

  25. Alberti

    you post a article by the senile Diana Johnstone, that even denied the Srebrenica massacre and the Serbian rape /concentration camps, and see her article as proof? I know Slobo and the church conditioned you to be gullible idiots, but WTF?

    To the poster that went in his anti-semitic and conspiracy theory tirade: read about the Tuscon shooting and go seek help. That’s how it starts.

  26. Liza

    Albanian Alberti matches the title of Galluci’s piece, i.e. ‘a mess’. Alberti could have known better than attacking Diana Johnstone for telling the truth. But, he didn’t. Obviously the truth hurts.

    By the way, who was it that attacked Fort Hood last year. By any chance, Albanians? How’s that for biting the hand that feeds you!

  27. The diplomat

    Dear Sir. I have met you many times in Kosovo during your tour although we have never spoken directly. I have always agreed with your statements up to 99% and I am continuing to do so. Kosovo, a failed saga have become a nightmare saga. I have daily contact with high level diplomats around the globe in my profession. Honestly, very few believe today that Kosovo will be anything than a failed, problematic piece of land with no one by the steering wheel. Also, after the recent “developments”, organ harvesting, witnesses and the failed voting procedure (which was not better handled than any country in deep Africa) I have seen the support declining very fast. On the other side of the coin, Serbia has finally understood how to handle this mess. When I visit Kosovo from time to time, it seems like the Eulex, ICO (Feith) and also OSCE lately have had it up to the throat with the Albanians. Do you agree Sir? It will be a interresting decade to come.

  28. Just Serb

    The use of a copy and paste re-hashed propaganda piece titled “Six pivotal themes in Serbian propaganda” debunked piece by pivotal piece.

    1.All nations in the Balkans constructed themselves as collective victims from one perceived or real oppressor, Croats, Albanians, Bosnians, Slovenians, Bulgarians, Romanians alike. The difference between them and the Serbs was the overwhelming and disproportionate Serb victims throughout history. One needs only to Google Jasenovac to to gain a real understanding of the term genocide.

    2.The crimes the Ustasa committed should be viewed as inhumane those barbaric crimes even made their German Nazi superiors ill. Notations in SS officer memoirs and addresses to Hitler himself of the inhumane brutality towards the Serbian civilian populace attest to why any the Serbian national group would feel that way. Unlike the German reconciliation with the Jews, the Croatian nation refuses to face up to the past deeds their forefathers committed, instead relying on propaganda pieces to diminish and even wash their hands of these crimes. Tudjman, Croatia’s first president authored a typical example of this denial in his book, claiming it was Jews in concentration camps that are really to blame for the killings. Croatia’s second President Mesic claimed Croatia has nothing to apologise for in WW2 as Croatia won WW2 twice, once with the Nazis and later by changing hats and sitting at the table with the Communists. Coupled with growing far right wing movements in Croatia that rehabilitated and likened themselves to the Ustasa movement, the recipe of Croatian Nationalism at the expense of peaceful negotiations and stripping of minority rights could only lead to the view that Croats were going to embark on inhumane activities even before a shot was fired. Today 400,000 Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from Croatia and 35,000 young Serbs had to convert to Catholicism to gain equal opportunity for employment. Croats like some Osijek police forces who tried to arrest these right wing paramilitaries were viewed with respect by Serbs and traitors by the Croatian independence movement. Albanians like those involved in the COE organ harvesting report and the horrors they perpetrated could not be viewed by any sane person regardless of ethnicity of nothing less than a cannibalistic heathen. Over 100,000 Albanians living in multi cultural Belgrade were never politically harassed during conflict which shows contradictions and flaws in “pivotal point no2” as well. Today a total of 200,000 Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from Kosovo.

    3. Axis forces which includes Croatian Ustasa, Bosnian and Albanian SS Divisions need to be treated beneath contempt and suppressed as is done with tough German law prohibiting any revival of any Nazi movements. Seeing events of a whole football stadium of 60,000 Croatian youths sieg-heiling in the new millennium attest to failure of the Western view and policies regarding the Balkans and the success of hired propaganda companies of ill repute in covering up the ugly truth.

    4. Germany’s premature and illegal recognition of Slovenian and Croatian independence (breaking a UN charter the Helsinki final act) deliberately destroyed any peaceful resolution to avoid war and bloodshed. The Illegal and immoral Croatian constitution to strip Serb minority rights also destroyed any chance of peace and actually incited war. The Vatican rat lines attest to the conspiracy of aiding the Ustasa who destroyed Yugoslavia and so many Yugoslavian/Serian lives in WW2. Slovenians fired the first shots in the Balkan conflict with the aim of creating unrest and destroying Yugoslavia. The US President Ronald Reagan signed NSDD 133 in 1984 which supported secessionist paramilitary units responsible for many human rights abuses and war crimes, a continuation of tough restrictions on Yugoslavian exports and banning vital credit funds to Yugoslavia or it’s industry whilst charging compound interest on money owed setting up economic collapse. Damm this isn’t conspiracy or propaganda but fact. Fundamental observation of international law who should that be directed at?

    5. Serbs were entitled to their lands which they fought for, Greater Serbia was the propaganda vessel set up by Croatian intelligence services and then rehashed by Bosnian and Albanian independence movements to the point it is generally viewed as outdated with little supporting evidence of the claim. The claim of Greater Serbia was even dropped by Hague prosecutors who harshly persecuted Serbs citing that Serbs remaining in other FRY republics wished to remain in Yugoslavia as many plebiscites attest to. This was a legal right afforded to them under the Yugoslav constitution and internationally was legally recognised through the Helsinki final act.

    6. Never did I hear that by being Serbian that you should be considered “Superhuman”,
    though many poems and stories help build good character amongst youth. Stories choosing Good over Evil can even be found in the good book and resisting and fighting empires bent on the destruction of the Serbian nation are facts that can be found in any 101 Balkan history lesson. In the US, the story of Lincoln as a boy running miles to return a dime to it’s rightful owner serves just as the Serbian stories to shape honest character in it’s younger generations and it’s guiding path towards being honest brave men. Well I fell for it and my wife loves me for it. It is a sense of worth that pains all those with a desire to conquer and subjugate Serbs.

  29. Johannes Schot

    Dear Gerard

    It is very strange that after ten years the world learns what is happening in Kosovo. I worked in the period 2000 – 2002 in Gnjilane for the American UMCOR, close to Bondsteel with Albanian, Serb and Roma groups and we all knew that time that Thaci was corrupt and conducting illegal activities. Even the Albanians complained about it. It was time no secret that his sister was married to the biggest maffia boss in the Balkan. The problem was that nobody wanted to know, especially not the Americans. I saw with my own eyes the drugs smuggled and women trafficked by the KLA and at that time we were running shelter programmes for these women to keep them out the hands of the KLA. I often had personally the militia of the KLA coming to my office asking why I was ‘helping’ the Serbs in Easter Kosovo. The only thing what we were doing was trying to reconcile the Serbs and Albanians in the South East of Kosovo.

    I strongly hope that the EC will not welcome this maffia state in its midst unless things change there for the better.


    Johannes Schot

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