Talk to Me – Multilingualism and Communication

TransConflict is pleased to present information about the third Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, entitled “Talk to Me – Multilingualism and Communication”, which will take place in Tirana from 20-22 September, 2012.

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The Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival 2012, entitled ‘Talk to Me – Multilingualism and Communication’, opens its doors to all young and creative people, as well as everyone passionate about the short film industry. The third edition of BBB Short Film – which takes place from 20-22 September 2012 in Tirana at Tirana Ekspres – is co-organized by Balkans Beyond Borders and Tirana Art Lab. We support all young film makers that put all their film-making energy into building bridges between the peoples of the Balkans.

People from all around Europe are invited to a three-day celebration of Balkan diversity. This year’s festival tackles the topical subject of multilingualism and communication, and motivates young people to “Talk to Me”. The Balkans are known for their culture, traditions and multilingualism, and it is exactly this diversity that we see as an added value, an opportunity to share and exchange this experience. Young Film Makers from the Balkan region and beyond put all their imagination and creativity and express their viewpoint through the art of film making.

The film festival will consist of:

  1. The competition part, in which Balkan film-makers efforts to tackle the topic of multilingualism and communication will be presented.
  2. A selection of German short films, by AG Kurzfilm and the German Short Film Association;
  3. Special Projection with films from our partners: Naoussa International Short Film Festival and Thess International Short Film Festival.

This year, competition films have been selected by a Committee comprised of Adela Demetja (Albania), Art Director of BBB, Violana Murataj, BBB’s Albanian Ambassador (Albania), Myra Stulianou (Greece), film director and Stepan Altrichter (Czech Republic), film director. The Jury that will select this year’s Winner for the Best Film consists of Mr. Joni Shanaja (Albania), President of Jury, Mr. Yorgos Zois (Greece) and Mr. Idro Seferi (Serbia). The Winner of the Best Short Film Festival will win €500 euros and a lomography camera.

More information about the programme – which is supported by the European Fund for the Balkans – will be available soon on the Balkans Beyond Borders website.

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