PATRIR launches Global Operational Peace Support (Global OPS)

TransConflict is pleased to present Global Operational Peace Support (Global OPS), launched by the Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR), a member of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation

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Global OPS is the world’s only platform providing customized professional support for professionals, practitioners and policy makers in the field. Global OPS provides on-line and on-site modules offering customized technical assistance, coaching, mentoring and communities of practice to support leadership and practitioners in the field to improve the quality, impact and effectiveness of your work and the programmes of your agency and mission.

Global OPS has been created to respond to a specific need in the field: to ensure that practitioners, policy makers and professionals working on key conflict issues have the support they need and the latest up-to-date access to key lessons, resources, materials and guidance for effective programming, practice and implementation.

Vision and Mission

Global OPS works to improve Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Impact and Effectiveness through targeted, customized support and assistance to professionals in the field.

  • Vision – For practitioners, agencies, organizations and governments dealing with conflict situations, peacebuilding, peacemaking, peacekeeping, prevention and post-war recovery to be able to improve their practice, policies and impact by having available to them the breadth of knowledge, expertise, and lessons available in the field – customized for their needs, realities and context – and linked to a world-wide community of practice.
  • Mission – To ensure that practitioners, policy-makers and professionals in the field receive customized support, coaching and assistance to improve the quality, impact and effectiveness of their work.

How Global OPS works

Global OPS modules are delivered both on-line and on-site. A customized on-line platform has been created to host on-line modules which address specific professional areas (topics) and provide participants with:

  • State of the art professional knowledge, training and expertise on that issue
  • Direct coaching, technical assistance and support to assist you in a) the work you are doing on the ground, b) the programme/mission of your organisation, ministry, agency, and c) implementing your mandate/terms of reference.

They are specifically designed for busy, full-time professionals working in the field. Modules are delivered to enable you to participate while working. They provide the specific benefit of giving you a framework of support, coaching, assistance and professional development on your exact thematics/areas of work.

In partnership with the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC), Global OPS also provides on-site programmes at IPDTC’s Global Academy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Executive Leadership Programmes in London.

Agencies, Ministries, Missions and Organisations may also request customised Global OPS modules to be delivered exclusively for their staff, partner organisations and specific stakeholder/participant groups.


Global OPS is about impact. Its aim is to improve the impact of peacebuilding, peacemaking, peacekeeping, prevention and post-war recovery in the field. OPS has been created to help you – and your agency, mission, organization or ministry – to improve your capacity to achieve real impact and change.

Too much policy and practice to address key conflict issues in the field has little – and sometimes no – impact (or negative impact). Anyone working with conflict issues has seen the challenges of poorly designed, poorly planned, and poorly implemented missions and programmes. At the same time, the challenges – the complexity of the issues we’re dealing with and the sometimes difficult contexts and realities we’re facing in addressing them – can be significant. Global OPS is designed to serve the needs of professionals and their agencies, ministries and organizations. It has been built to help you achieve greater, real impact. Each OPS Module will be customized to your needs as practitioners, policy makers or professionals in the field. Through the chosen modules, you will engage with leading experts with in-depth practical experience and knowledge of the field – whose purpose is to be there to assist you in the actual work you are doing. Your fellow participants are practitioners, policy-makers, diplomats and professionals coming from across relevant agencies, institutions, organizations, ministries and missions. Support will be customized – designed to help you in the actual work and specific contexts you are involved in. OPS is not abstract, theoretical or ‘pre-packaged’, as many on-line and many on-site courses available today. It has been designed by experienced policy makers and practitioners, for experienced policy makers and practitioners. It is a professional service. Module Leaders are leading practitioners and experts in their field. Participants are practitioners in key positions, addressing the topic of the module. Through the module, you will have the opportunity to take up the real / actual issues you are facing on the ground, in your context, in your work, and receive coaching, guidance and technical assistance to improve your policy and practice, and to improve your impact as a professional in the field.

OPS is about changing the way we do peacebuilding in the world today. It’s about bringing the best of our global experience and lessons developed in a wide-range of contexts and making them immediately available to practitioners and policy makers. It’s about creating a professional community of practice, and ensuring that people in key positions have the support they need to do peacebuilding better.

Please click here to learn more about Global Operational Peace Support (Global OPS)


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