November 2019 review

TransConflict is pleased to present a selection of articles published during November, plus updates from the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation.

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1) Can the new government change Kosovo’s fortunes?

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra – Notwithstanding their lack of experience in governing, the new leaders, Mr. Kurti and Ms. Osmani, are young, visionary, and understand the plight and the needs of their people. Even though they may not have, as of now, a fully articulated socio-political and economic development plan, they have the potential to serve their country’s interests best. They are not tainted with corruption and are committed to change the fortunes of their country, which faces multiple and profound domestic and foreign problems. Read on…

2) Vucic’s plan B should become plan A – treat the EU as it treats you

David B. Kanin The latest in the series of broken EU promises and failed EU initiatives stand in sharp contrast to the modest but constructive “mini-Schengen” agreement among Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania. This, not continued begging at Europe’s door, is a way forward for Albania and the south-of-the-border shards of the former Yugoslavia.Read on…

3) Sri Lanka – halt the deployment

Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice – The Sri Lanka Campaign has previously argued that no Sri Lankan soldier should serve in a blue helmet so long as serious human rights violations of the kind described above – not to mention allegations of sexual abuse against children by Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Haiti between 2004-2007 – remain unaddressed. Read on…

4) Netanyahu personifies the corrupting force of power

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – In an open letter to Netanyahu in October, I wrote “It’s time for you to go. There is nothing you can do that others cannot do just as good if not better. Resign your post; turn to the Attorney General to drop the charges against you. The nation will forgive you for your good intentions and some deeds… Unless you want to end up in jail just like your predecessor, spare the nation the humiliation and pain.” Sadly, he did not heed such advice, regardless of its source, and now he may very well end up in jail and stigmatize Israel for having been led by corrupt leaders who seem to have always put their personal self-interest above that of the nation. Read on…

5) Upholding freedom of conscience and belief

Rene Wadlow – There is a worldwide erosion of the freedom of belief and conscience in many parts of the world causing large-scale suffering, grave injustice, and refugee flows. Belief and conscience are efforts on the part of individuals and communities to understand and to seek to live in harmony with the laws of Nature and often to communicate their understanding and devotion to others. The anniversary date of 25 November should be an opportunity to consider how to strengthen freedom of conscience and belief. Read on…

6) A decade of impunity – unlocking accountability for the victims of Sri Lanka’s killing fields

Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice– A decade after the war’s end, the Sri Lanka Campaign speaks to ten Tamils who lived through and survived the final stages of the armed conflict in 2009, re-tracing allegations of serious human rights violations through the eyes of those who witnessed them first-hand, and asking the vitally important (but largely neglected) question of what can be done to ensure that those responsible for some of the worst atrocity crimes of the 21st century are one day held accountable.Read on…

7) The importance of Gambia invoking genocide convention against Myanmar

Rene Wadlow – The action of Gambia is important as it focuses both on the mechanisms of world law and the dramatic conditions of the Rohingya. Read on…

8) The butcher of Ankara’s visit to the house of lies

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – To be sure, the Turkish butcher Erdogan and the notorious liar Trump found their match, and they have no shame and no remorse about the extent they use each other to advance their interest. Read on…

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