Sarajevo – beyond the siege

Twenty years on from the onset of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ted Lieverman explores the progress of Sarajevo’s recovery – or not – from the almost four-year long siege.

By Ted Lieverman

Downtown Sarajevo

The corner of Ulica Koturova, Sarajevo

Cemetery for the victims of the siege of Sarajevo

Commemorating Markale Market, where 68 people were killed in 1994

Sarajevo’s contemporary skyline

Markale Market today

The Latin Bridge, am Ottoman bridge over the River Miljacka

Ted Lieverman is a freelance photographer working on issues of conflict and social justice. His photos have been published by Consortium News, Global Post, and several legal publciations. He is a photographer for Northstar Productions in Fairfax, Virginia, and an associate producer for the documentary film ‘Guazapa: Yesterday’s Enemies’.

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‘Sarajevo – beyond the siege’ is presented as part of TransConflict’s TransCulture initiative, which showcases efforts to explore and transcend conflict in the Balkans through a variety of cultural means.