New modules from Global Operational Peace Support

TransConflict is pleased to present information about new modules from Global Operational Peace Support (Global OPS), launched by the Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR), a member of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation

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If you’re working in the field in a key area of peacebuilding, peacemaking, peacekeeping operations, security sector reform, governance, violence prevention, or post-war stabilization, Global OPS Modules are for you. They are designed for professionals, practitioners, experts, policy makers and senior leadership and government officials to ensure you have the support you need, where you need it, when you need it. OPS Modules are ‘hands on’, providing direct, customized support, tailored professional coaching and technical assistance to staff and mission leadership in your location, rather than needing to travel abroad or out of context for trainings. Most of all: GlobalOPS Modules are practical and customized. Module Leaders are amongst the leading experts and practitioners in their fields worldwide, with in-depth experience and knowledge in their areas.


The March 2014 semester of Global OPS provides the following modules:

  • Comprehensive Conflict Analysis for Improving Design, Impact and Effectiveness of Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Strategies (7 weeks)
  • Supporting Local & National Capacities for Peacebuilding (4 weeks)
  • Early Warning, Early Response and Contemporary Peace Operations (12 weeks)
  • Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (10 weeks)
  • Integrated Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation: The Link from Project Cycle Evaluation to Improved Design and Implementation of Peacebuilding, Stabilization & Peace Support Operations (5 weeks)
  • Making Gender Mainstreaming Effective in Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Development Programmes (6 weeks)
  • Engaging Marginalized & Hard to Reach Youth in Peacebuilding (8 weeks)
  • Engaging Identity, Recovery & Peace Consolidation After War (8 weeks)

To contact Global OPS please visit or write to Adelina Decean at

Please click here to learn more about Global Operational Peace Support (Global OPS)


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